Each week People magazine staffer Mary Margaret sits down with Jon to talk about what you will find inside the latest issue on newsstands. This week Mary talks about the scandal with the Biggest Loser, the Olympics, and more.

Dallas area television critic Ed Bark from UncleBarky.com joins us each week to recap what you may or may not have seen on TV over the week. This morning Ed talks about the Olympic coverage, Networks who don’t want to challenge NBC, and the release or “House of Cards” season 2.

Ghost Adventures producer and star Nick Groff sat down with Jon to talk about the current season and the episode they filmed in Saint Louis at the home of the real-life Exorcist.

Each week our favorite celebrity chef, Cheffy Baby joins us with the food report LIVE from Phuket, Thailand. This week Cheffy talks about Burger King’s latest creation, a Yonkers butcher issues, and what exactly chocolate does to your body.


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