Fred BodimerBy Fred Bodimer

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Nearly half of the electronic cigarette poisoning cases seen in the St. Louis area over the past year have been in young children. This serves as a reminder to parents to keep their e-cigs out of the reach of their kids.

22 of the 50 reported exposures last year were in kids under the age of 5. The executive director of the Missouri Poison Center Julie Weber says the children are getting hold of their parent’s electronic cigarette liquid, drinking it, and then becoming ill.

“The type of symptoms that they’re having could just be mild nausea and vomiting. But can sometimes lead to more serious symptoms like increased drowsiness and an increase of saliva that they’re producing. It could lead into tremors or seizures and it could lead to death,” says Weber.

Weber says e-cig liquids come in hundreds of flavors including bubble gum, peach and gummy bear. All of them, she says taste good and look appealing to kids who often mistake them for candy.

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