by Debbie Monterrey

Haiti. Land of hurricanes, earthquakes and crushing poverty. Few stores, no jobs. Imagine having no food for your children or for yourself. Imagine watching your baby slowly starve to death. That’s been a reality in Haiti.

But a St. Louis organization, Meds & Food For Kids (MFK), is working to change that. And in the past decade, MFK has not only brought babies back from the brink of death, but has helped save the lives of more than 100,000 children.

MFK opened a factory that provides jobs. They’ve put farmers back to work in their fields growing the crop that can save even more Haitians. And all of this thanks to one very determined woman: Dr. Patricia Wolff, Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at Washington University’s School of Medicine.

Medika Mamba saves lives. (Photo by Debbie Monterrey)

Medika Mamba saves lives. (Photo by Debbie Monterrey)

On Saturday, March 1, 2014, join us for MFK’s 3rd Annual Experience Kanaval Gala “Kompa: The Rhythm of the People” at the St. Louis Science Center. I’m honored to be the emcee. We’ll have Haitian music, food, handcrafted auction items from Haiti and, best of all, celebrate the successes of MFK, Dr. Wolff and her dedicated staff and volunteers.

Dr. Wolff saw children starving to death in Haiti. When severely malnourished/starving, these children could not be saved with regular food. Their bodies simply could no longer handle it (plus, little was available). She brought to Haiti the idea of peanut-based RUTF (ready-to-use theraputic food) that had been successful Malawi. The results were astonishing.
before medika mamba St. Louis Group Saves Lives of 100,000 Children

Photos courtesy of MFK

Photos courtesy of MFK

Dr. Wolff didn’t want to just hand Haitians some food. She wanted to give them opportunity. She wanted Haitian farmers to grow the peanuts and Haitians to run the production facility. She wanted to save young lives and give the people of Haiti an opportunity to shape their future.

I urge you to watch this video about the incredible impact MFK has made in just a decade. I can’t imagine how much more can be accomplished with more time, your help and everyone’s support.



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