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The first thing you should remember about the Oscars, this year or any year, is that they are not always fair. Politics, favors, personal animosity and other stray elements all effect the votes of the some 6,000 members of the Academy. All that said, the Oscars are the gold standard in Hollywood for measuring greatness. They don’t always equate to box office or career success, but they make movie history in a way nothing else can.

oscars Oscar Awards Coming Down to the Wire

Picture Courtesy of AMPAS

This year, the voting in the top four categories seems fairly predictable, with the exception of best picture. That said, here are my fearless predictions based on exact scientific research and mostly dumb luck.

12 lupito

Courtesy of IMDB

The strongest candidate (and the most deserving”) for best supporting actress is Lupita Nyong’o for “12 Years a Slave.” It was a gut-wrenching performance in an extremely demanding role, and she was magnificent. I predict this 30-year-old newcomer from Mexico and Kenya will pick up a statue Sunday night.

Jared Leto

Courtesy of IMDB

I predict another relative unknown, Jared Leto, will win best supporting actor for his role of Rayon in “The Dallas Buyers Club.” Leto is a multi-talented performer, known as a musician and singer as much as he is an actor. Leto captured the intricacies of his role in almost faultless fashion. He helps carry the film.

cate Oscar Awards Coming Down to the Wire

Courtesy of IMDB

If there is one certainty in the voting this year, it is the brilliant work of Cate Blanchett as a woman slowly slipping into mental collapse in Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine.” I’ve seen the film four times, and her performance is mesmerizing. She will win best actress.


Courtesy of IMDB

Almost as certain to win as Cate Blanchett is Matthew McConaughey for best actor in “The Dallas Buyers Club.” McConaughey’s fine performance in “The Wolf of Wall Street” this year will be a plus for his clout with the voters.

12 years poster

Courtesy of IMDB

My pick for best film is “12 Years a Slave.” It is the definitive motion picture on the topic of slavery in the United States. It is unflinching and historically accurate. Hollywood feels compelled to reward this superb film by director Steve McQueen.

ellen Oscar Awards Coming Down to the Wire

Picture Courtesy of ABC

The Oscar telecast begins at 6 PM CST Sunday, March 2nd, and will be broadcast on ABC30 in St. Louis. This 86th annual presentation of the Oscars will be hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.


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