"We will compete for the 2020 convention" says Mayor Slay's Chief of Staff Jeff Rainford

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The Democrats wont be holding their national convention in St. Louis in 2016. Thats because the city has decided not to compete for the big event.

Mayor Slay’s Chief of Staff Jeff Rainford tells KMOX News the City Arch River Project is the first priority. “We need to finish that, finish the fund raising, build that project, let it mature a little and then show it off to the world in 2020. That makes a lot more sense.” said Rainford.

He says the city will compete “like crazy” for the Democratic National Convention in 2020.

This Saturday is the deadline to send the D.N.C. a letter of interest, and Rainford says that letter wont be sent.

While the Democratic convention would cost tens-of-millions of dollars, the Arch River Project costs hundreds-of-millions.

Rainford says civic, business and political leaders started coming to the realization two weeks ago that a 2016 convention may not be feasible.

It was Wednesday night that Rainford told KMOX the D.N.C. would not be getting a letter of interest.


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