Bill Reker

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KMOX) – It has grizzly bears, a crescent moon and a bald eagle.  It’s the Missouri state flag, and one lawmaker thinks it might be time for a change.

This whole thing started when someone told a politician the state flag is not standardized. We’re not sure if that means one of the two bears on the flag is taller than the other, the number of stars is different from one flag to another, or the color shades of the red-white and blue bars are not all the same. Jefferson County Representative Jeff Roorda says we need to fix the problem.

“Despite some people’s misunderstanding of what the bill does, it only creates a commission to look at the flag,” says Roorda.

He wants to form a commission made up of the Secretary of State and one member from each of the congressional districts that would hold public hearings. Roorda talked of no specific changes that might affect the red, white and blue or the 24 stars signifying Missouri being the 24th state to join the union.


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