"I am pro- development, pro- economic growth and pro-change," he says.By Michael Calhoun

CLAYTON (KMOX) – Ellisville councilman Matt Pirrello — who’s now running for St. Louis County Executive — says he’s okay with being known as that guy who tried to impeach the Mayor.

In fact, he says he’s happy that news stories refer to him as such.

“I really think that this is more of a springboard and less of a hinderance,” he told KMOX News.

He continues to insist that last year’s attempted impeachment of Mayor Adam Paul was not retribution tied to Ellisville’s Walmart controversy. (Read more about Pirrello’s allegations at the time.) Paul was ultimately successful in shutting down the big box development touted by Pirrello.

“That’s precisely the type of thing that I think I am well-known for,” Pirrello said. “It’s not necessarily the controversy, but the fact that I am pro- development, pro- economic growth and pro-change.”

When asked for details about several of the expected major issues —  like the school transfer crisis and a city-county merger — he said Thursday that he was still doing his homework.

“I just don’t have enough information at this point to take a position one way or another,” he said in response to one question.  On another issue: “I don’t want to sound like I’m dodging the question, but [I’m] learning more as I go.”

Pirrello says his biggest asset is his experience as a Mayor himself — being an executive.

“I’m just a working guy who wants to bring about some positive change to the region,” he said.


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