Allison Blood & Fred Bodimer

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Washington Avenue played host to the Fat Tuesday Parade last night and despite a warm up from a few days ago, many people say they were disappointed.

Despite live music and lots of drink specials at bars on Washington Avenue, parade goers say it left something to be desired.

“Last year was a little bit longer and had a few more floats to it. This year I got down here, I feel like I just got here and the parade was gone. It just wasn’t real fun,” says one man.

“They were stingy with their beads. They weren’t throwing beads,” says one woman.

The parade traveled about ten blocks and lasted less than half an hour.

While the Fat Tuesday Parade and party were held downtown, Soulard hosted a Pub Crawl for the first time since 1999.

Though some were worried that bringing back the celebration would bring back a riot like the one 15 years ago, Hammerstones Bar manager, Cory Hammerstone, says that riot was because underage people were drinking in the streets.

“It had always been a fun event and the kids caught on that you could get down to Soulard and try to get away with drinking in the streets and all of that and they ruined it.”

She says now that it’s a Pub Crawl, everyone is carded when they walk in the door so it’s no different from any weekend night.

And today is Ash Wednesday which is a time when Christians throughout the area have ashes placed on their foreheads.

The Very Reverend Mike Kinman, a Dean of Christ Church Episcopal Cathedral downtown, says, “The reason we put ashes on our forehead is to remind us of our mortality and it reminds us that time is short.”For the fourth year in a row, Dean Kinman will be applying ashes to the foreheads of all those who want them at noon on the first floor at One Metropolitan Square downtown the service is called Ashes at the Office.


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