Associated Press

GLENDALE, Ill. (AP/KMOX)- The Goodwill Store in Glen Carbon found thousands of dollars in donated clothing and are trying to figure out if it was a gift or has a rightful owner.

Over $2,500 was found in the donated items. Surveillance camera recordings were used by Goodwill officials to narrow down the possible donors to just a few.

They are not releasing any more information about the items that the bills were found in, so that only the owner can claim the money.

The Belleville News-Democrat reports that the money turned up Monday in donated clothing at the store.

As president of the region’s Goodwill operations, Lewis Chartock, says these finds frequently happen. He says that some $20,000 of possibly accidental donations have surfaced over the past two years.

Goodwill’s policies dictate that the donor has 30 days to come by and claim the money. If that doesn’t happen, the money goes to the agency’s programs.


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