Kevin KilleenBy Kevin Killeen

UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. (KMOX) – Opponents of the Loop Trolley are hoping the public will rally to save a towering sycamore slated to be cut down to make way for the trolley.

University City resident Tom Sullivan says that big sycamore on Delmar outside the library is special and should be preserved.

“It’s a very nice tree and it’s been in front of the library for a long time. And before that it was a part of the Delmar-Harbor Playground so it has a history in University City. So to just cut it down to make way for a trolley that hasn’t been approved just doesn’t make any sense,” says Sullivan.

Trolley promoter Joe Edwards of Blueberry Hill says Sullivan’s tree hugging has come to him late in life.

“The same people that are talking about this one tree did not raise their hand when dozens of trees on Delmar were cut down by University City just a few years ago so that better species of trees could be planted,” says Edward.

The City Council has tabled the tree cutting plan until federal funding for the trolley is secured.


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