Michael CalhounBy Michael Calhoun

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – One of the candidates running for St. Louis County Executive reacts to a Republican leader trashing his chances of winning.

KMOX’s Michael Calhoun caught up with Tony Pousosa who leaders don’t seem to regard as a serious candidate:

“You ran against Stenger once, we saw how that election went. What makes this county executive race different?” asks Calhoun.

“Well, let’s make one thing clear about the Stenger race. I put my name on the ballot in 2012 at the last 8th hour,” says Pousosa.

And what do you do when your own political party says you haven’t got a shot at winning? And tries to get someone to run instead of you? Claim conspiracy.

“Central committee members are doing an active search for what they call a viable county executive candidate..” says Calhoun.

“I would have to say to that it’s only the central committee members who don’t like me as their candidate,” says Pousosa.

He says the Republican establishment is afraid if he’s elected he’ll uncover that they, too, have been a part of corruption in county government.

County Republicans are publicly urging Jane Cunningham to run for Executive because they feel neither Pousosa nor Matt Pirrello can raise the money or get enough attention to win the election.


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