UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. (KMOX) – The Loop Trolley project gets a permit renewal from the City Council, but only for another two months.

Council members met Monday night to talk about a renewal of the conditional use permit for the Loop trolley.

The original permit was issued a year ago with the provision that construction begin within a year. And it hasn’t.

Many councilmen, like Michael Glickert, say they want to see more action on the project, so they’re giving the Loop Trolley Company two months to show some progress.

“The gentleman from the Loop Trolley talked about that he was hopeful and he expected the money from the federal government within the next 4 weeks I believe is what he said so I believe 60 days is a reasonable time frame,” says Glickert.

However, is there the potential that this project could get shut down.

“No,” says Glickert. “The funds are there. It will eventually happen.”

The Council agreed that it would renew the permit again in two months if the company made progress.


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