ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Ice on the sidewalks, snow on the steps, the Post Office is doing some math on how many of its workers took a tumble this winter. Valerie Welsh, a spokesperson for the St. Louis Postal district, says they’ve seen more this year than the year before.

“This year compared to 2013, the Postal Service has had 39 more slips and falls in the Gateway District,” she says.”Slippery steps especially on painted porches and steps are very difficult to maneuver when there’s ice and snow on them.”

Welsh adds that homeowners who take the extra step and remove the snow help keep these numbers of tumbles down.

“Any carrier that is walking through a yard or down a sidewalk can tell you how much they appreciate it when the homeowner has gone out and removed the snow and attempted to put something on the ice to help melt it,” she says.

Welsh says the good news is road accidents for postal vehicles remained the same this winter as last, despite the slippery conditions.


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