ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Obamacare is coming under fire from a union representing some 300,000 members nationwide, including about 3,000 in St. Louis.

The union known as “Unite Here,” represents workers at local hotels, restaurants, casinos and food service at Busch stadium. Local 74 President Kevin McNatt says Obamacare’s increased cost to employers is putting downward pressure on wages.

“It’s going to be tough negotiations with these employers when they are paying a 62% increase in benefits. They’re going to say they’re going to need to cut wages, but our wages that our people are at now…they’re not going to be able to afford to have their wages cut. We’re going to be in for a big fight with a lot of different properties,” says McNatt.

McNatt says Obamacare is forcing non-profit union plans to pay a $62 a head fee to support the insurance cost of for-profit plans. That, he says, is ridiculous.

“I think it needs to be changed. I don’t have all the answers to it, we need some type of healthcare. I don’t think this is the right thing that we need. We need some type of change to Obamacare to be on a level playing field,” says McNatt.


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