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harry star 2andahalfstars Need for Speed A Collision With Common Sense

If you saw the coming attractions, you know all about “Need for Speed.” If you are familiar with the “Need for Speed” video games, all 20 installments, you also know a lot about this film.


Photo courtesy of IMDB

Michael Keaton, who seems to be making a comeback in films, appears as a maniacal character named Monarch. He organizes an infamous, illegal street race that plays a big part in what little story “Need for Speed” has. If you want to see Keaton in the best film of his career, check out “Clean and Sober” from 1988.

speed 4

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Aaron Paul headlines as a character named Tobey, a mechanic who’s a specialist is muscle cars. After he is framed for manslaughter after a fiery car crash, Tobey serves two years in the slammer and returns vowing revenge against Dino, the guy who really caused the accident which killed Tobey’s best friend.

speed 5

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After a cross-country drive, Tobey is ready to compete with compete with Dino and exact his revenge.

speed 2

Photo courtesy of IMDB

You have to give films like “Need for Speed” credit for the outstanding depictions of crashes and spectacular collisions. The issue I have with motion pictures like this is that they minimize the real dangers of this type of driving, and even the life-threatening hazards it presents to innocent people just driving their cars down streets and on highways. It’s as if it doesn’t even bear consideration. It romanticizes irresponsible behavior behind the wheel and makes it look like a badge of bravery and skill.

It is neither.


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