My passion and drive to serve those in need encompasses both my profession as a physician as well as my life as a volunteer in serving the St. Louis metropolitan community.  I am a graduate of the University of Missouri-Kansas City 6 year Medical School program and completed my residency in Internal Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. My life has been deeply touched by the patients I had the privilege to serve during my years of practice in the St. Louis community.

I am committed to being an advocate for medical education initiatives and helping the underserved and uninsured of the St. Louis region. As a member of the St. Louis University Board of Trustees, I was immediately engaged with the SLU School of Medicine, and served as the Chair of Clinical Affairs for 8 of those years, overseeing both the School of Medicine and the University Medical Group practice. I was dedicated to improving the quality of education and training for our future doctors and medical staff as well as enhancing the quality of care provided to patients.

It was particularly gratifying to assist the SLU medical students relocate their Health Resources Center (HRC). The SLU HRC is a free clinic, operated by SLU medical students for underserved patients. For twenty years, the medical students provided healthcare to the North St. Louis Community.  The SLU HRC was in the basement of St. Augustine’s Church in North St. Louis. The students wanted to expand their services but lacked the space to do so. For two years they sought a new location. It was critical that these young volunteer medical providers remain close to the patients they serve. After an extensive search, I invited the students to visit one of the commercial properties, owned by my family, located in the heart of North St. Louis.  I was happy to donate the space for the new clinic which now, after a renovation by St. Louis University, provides them a modern, well equipped facility twice the size of their previous location. The SLU HRC now offers the students the potential to care for more patients and expand their services to the community.  There are larger exam rooms, private interview rooms, and year round heating and air conditioning, amenities not available in their previous location. Physical therapy has been added and students hope to soon offer exercise, nutrition and healthy cooking classes. Additionally, a focus will be placed on preventive health care and patient education, which are fundamental aspects of providing health care to this underserved community.

As a second generation physician, following in the footsteps of my father, the late

Dr. Charles Frazer,Jr. I am dedicated to preserving the legacy of those African American physicians who served our community before me. An exhibit on the history of Homer G. Phillips Hospital (HGPH) is located in the lobby of the new SLU Health Resource Center. During its operation, HGPH was one of only three medical centers in the country which trained minority physicians and served as the only hospital for African Americans who lived in the St. Louis area from 1937 to 1955. This exhibit highlights fifteen prominent African American medical professionals who provided a lifetime of service to the St. Louis community. I am continuing to document the oral histories of HGPH graduates in an effort to preserve their legacies for others to study and emulate.

My service to the state of Missouri and the St. Louis community includes my appointment to the Board of Curators for the University of Missouri System in 1985 during which I was the first African American elected President to the Board of Curators in 1990. In the past, I have had the privilege of serving on the 22nd Circuit Judiciary Commission, the St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation Board, the National Council on Drug and Alcoholism Board of Directors and the Arts and Education Council. I am currently a member of the Regional Arts Commission and the St. Louis Art Museum Board of Trustees.

I am humbled to receive this prestigious award with the other 2014 Women of Achievement.


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