There’s a small piece of me that actually wants to feel sorry for Dottie Sandusky. While it’s a miserable thing to do to blame the victims for her husband’s sexual assaults and to insinuate that they made up their stories so they could “cash in,” I also think her obvious motives put her in a very pitiable position.

Think for just a second about the mountain of guilt she’s living with. If she did indeed ignore all the evidence for decades that her husband was sexually abusing young boys almost literally right under her nose then at this point her only choice is to either continue to ignore the evidence or to admit once and for all that she shares culpability through her own inaction. If, however, she really was fooled – if she bought the excuses and explanations because she really is either that dumb or that gullible – then she has the same devil’s bargain in front of her. Either admit that’s who she is, or hold fast to the idea that Jerry’s innocent and the world really is conspiring against him with false allegations.

But as I said, it’s only a small part of me. Most of me finds her motives and actions deplorable. And then there’s the chance that this latest press tour is simply testing the waters for a book deal (and its own, attendant publicity tour). And if that’s why she’s really been all over TV lately, then even that small part of me that pities her will give it up and find her just as disgusting as the rest of me does. Time will tell, I suppose.


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