Scape Restaurant hosted a “Food Fight” competition between eight chefs on March 17th and 18th. Adam Gnau, Liz Schuster, Martin Lopez, and Eric Brenner competed on the 17th and Carl Hazel, Adam Lambay, Katie Lee, and Chris DiMecurio competed on the 18th. All eight of the St. Louis’ top chefs created a culinary experience for each guest who attended the event. The guests were given a ballot so they could not only enjoy the visual skills of each chef, but judge them on the taste of their food. Throughout the vigorous battles between the chefs, Katie Lee and Adam Gnau made it to the championship on March 31st.

The atmosphere of the event was an intimate and very warm setting that guests with a unique taste for the culinary arts would enjoy. With the alluring smells flowing throughout the room, there was no way a guest would turn down seconds. In my younger years, I was always apprehensive about what I would eat, but after experiencing an event like the “Food Fight”, I am more open to trying new things. Something that I thought I would never try in my life happened to be the chefs secret ingredient in each of their meals, squid ink. I was very surprised to learn that the taste was actually good, but I’m sure the credit of the flavor had to have been because of the way they prepared the food with the ingredient.

The grand prize winner was Adam Gnau with Acreo receiving a check of ten thousand dollars from KMOX. The event was a huge success and a wonderful experience for all the guests who attended.


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