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ST. LOUIS (KMOX)-Fearing it’s the first step toward privatization, local postal workers rallied and marched in downtown St. Louis Sunday, to protest the contracting of postal service work to Staples stores.

Postal Workers Union Local President Fred Wolfmeyer tells KMOX, “We see in the offing, there could be deals with other retailers to do the same thing.”

He says that wouldn’t be good for anyone, especially those who rely on the mail. Wolfmeyer says contract store employees aren’t as reliable as postal workers, “(Postal workers) undergo tighter security checks and scrutiny as opposed to employees at the Staples store who are basically minimum wage, no background checks and high turnover rate.

He says contract stores don’t do a good job, “They’ve had mail that sits in these contract postal units because the employees don’t move it and get it out of there. There’s been theft. There’s been all kinds of problems with it.”  He says as a result, many contracts are quickly cancelled.

Wolfmeyer says if they don’t take a stand now they could see processing, transportation and even delivery contracted out later.

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