Charlie continues his “tip of the hat” to the U.S. Navy during Navy Week and talks with former Grover (now Wildwood), MO, Resident and current Petty Officer Daniel McCluskey, Builder 2nd Class, now serving aboard the USS Constitution, the world’s oldest commissioned warship afloat.

Charlie and Debbie talk with KMOX Listener, “Basil”, member of the Metropolitan Taxi Cab Commission and President of St. Louis County Cab Company, about his thoughts on the alternative transportation service in STL, Lyft.

In another form of the new “sharing economy”, Charlie talks with Carnegie Hall Employee and New York Resident Michael Naess about Airbnb, a home rental service which allows him to rent his extra room out and to welcome travelers from all over.

The 51st in a series on growing innovative entrepreneurism in the STL region with Ryan Bell, founder and president of Gremln, a tool that helps financial firms and other companies manage their use of social media.


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