Brad Choat

BRIDGETON, Mo. (KMOX) – Residents near the Bridgeton Landfill have until May 23rd to decide if they want to be part of a class action lawsuit settlement or opt out.

More than sixty of them turned out, Saturday, at Spanish Village Park to hear from attorney Ted Gianaris of the Simmons law firm.

He’s been negotiating with attorneys for the landfill’s owner, a subsidiary of Republic Services.

“We think we’ve done a good job of bringing them to court and making sure they stand up for the damage they’ve done to these people over the last three years,” Gianaris told KMOX.

“The damage” being the odor coming from the site and efforts to contain an underground fire.

Chuck Bell is with the resident group that called Saturday’s meeting, “There’s just so much uncertainty. We’ve got a lot of health risk. I don’t believe people are willing to give up their health for money right now. We want out of here. That’s the bottom line. We want out of here and to know we’ll be out of here and be safe. That’s our biggest concern.”

Bell and the others were told the settlement could mean up to $35,000 for homes in the Spanish Village subdivision, and lesser amounts for residents of the trailer park and condos nearby.

If not enough people sign-on, the landfill owner could withdraw its offer, and litigation would proceed.

A hearing date on the proposed settlement is set for August first.


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