Harry Hamm

harry star 2stars Godzilla Lays An Egg

The story, the acting and the casting are all second-rate in the newest film edition of the “Godzilla” franchise. The digital special effects of destruction are the only impressive aspects of this lame motion picture.

godzilla Godzilla Lays An Egg

Bryan Cranston appears as an American scientist working at a nuclear plant in Japan. It’s 1999. His wife, also working at the plant, and his young son are all with him in Japan. A mysterious accident shuts the down the plant and kills Cranston’s character’s wife. The storyline then jumps forward 15 years. Dad and the son, who is now a demolitions expert in the Army, return to Japan and the home in which they used to live in order to learn what mystifying event actually destroyed the plant and took his wife’s life.

god 4

Ken Watanabe appears as a Japanese scientist in charge of worried looks in this film. The convoluted plot then meanders  into a scenario about two Muto’s (Massive Unidentifiable Terrestrial Organisms) who feed on atomic energy and are trying to mate. Just what the world needs. More mutos. Along the way they manage to destroy Honolulu, San Francisco and areas in Nevada. Who’s left to save the day? Godzilla!

god 3

I realize many of you are looking forward to seeing this motion picture. Well, by all means go. Just don’t put your expectations to high. At least you’ll get to see San Francis and Honolulu destroyed in 3-D. When last seen, Godzilla was gracefully sliding back into the Pacific, probably on the hunt for a better storyline.








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