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harry star 2andahalfstars New Western Comedy Misfires

The new film co-written, directed by and starring Seth MacFarlane seems to be a contemporary effort to make a western comedy akin to “Blazing Saddles.” The result is proof positive that MacFarlane is no Mel Brooks.

mili41 New Western Comedy Misfires

MacFarlane plays a sheep rancher in Arizona in the gory days of the old west. He’s shares a shack with his snarly parents and hates the town where he lives. Matters get worse when his girl friend, played by Amanda Seyfried, breaks up with him.

mili 3

MacFarlane’s character brightens up when the wife of a gunslinger, played by Charlize Theron, rides into town and befriends him while she waits around until her husband shows up.

mili1 New Western Comedy Misfires

The gunslinger is played by Liam Neesen.

mili2 New Western Comedy Misfires

Neil Patrick Harris does a funny turn as the owner of a mustache emporium. Giovanni Ribisi and Sarah Silverman play couple in love, even though she is a prostitute who sleeps with an average of ten men a day.

mili 6

The storyline in “A Million Ways to Die in the West” makes little sense save for providing connectivity among the many skit-like scenes and sight gags. At times the movie and what it makes the actors do and say are thoroughly demeaning. The f-bomb is rampant. Lots of potty humor and a few funny moments. MacFarlane is in almost every scene and talks way too much for the film. It makes the movie seem a lot longer than it is.





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