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harry star 4stars Angelina Jolie Shines in Maleficent

Angelina Jolie as “Maleficent” is the prime reason to see this motion picture. Her passion for the authenticity of the part and the dark story actually give this children’s tale a very compassionate, adult heart. That said, “Maleficent” is the kind of film and narrative that about half the audiences will enjoy, and the other half will not. It’s not everybody’s cup of magic. I liked it.

mal 1

Photo courtesy IMDB.

The Director of “Maleficent,” Robert Stromberg, is a noted Hollywood Production Designer. His vision for this $200 million dollar movie is both foreboding and fantastic.

mal 2

Photo courtesy of IMDB.

Elle Fanning co-stars as Aurora, the child of the King who has a curse put on her by Maleficent. We see the King as a young boy, but mostly as the adult monarch with a scowling countenance who is trying to get the curse off his daughter and revenge on Maleficent.

mal 3

Photo courtesy of IMDB.

Sharlito Copley over-plays the King who has taken Maleficent’s wings and incurred her wrath. It’s a very disagreeable performance. Lesley Manville, Imelda Staunton and Juno Temple appear as a trio of fairy babysitters for Aurora.

mal 4

Photo courtesy of IMDB.

Like any story of this genre, there’s a happy ending after a big struggle. Jolie makes it all plausible and engrossing. Universal plot points of land ownership, power, mysticism and war abound. Stay for the closing credits to hear Lana Del Ray sing “Once Upon a Dream.” That’s a highlight of this film’s total experience.




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