Tom Ackerman, KMOX Sports Director

5) Stadium East or West: The massive garages that flanked the old Busch Stadium are still a good option, especially if you want to get downtown early and hang out. Prices range from $15-20, sometimes more depending on the game. Just be aware of the fact that they’ll be crowded and not easy to exit after the game. After a Cardinals win, though, drivers sometimes pass the time by honking their horns, setting off a cascade of sound throughout the structures.

4) Metrolink Lots: Riding Metrolink is a smart move if you want to avoid traffic and parking fees. When I lived in University City, I would get on at the station behind the Pageant and ride downtown for most day games I worked, because I shared a spot at KMOX with a co-worker. By the time I was finished reading the sports page, I was at the ballpark. Best of all, parking is free.

3) Ballpark Village: It can be expensive, usually around $30. Space is certainly limited. But the convenience of Ballpark Village parking can’t be beat. You’re parking just steps away from the gates and on the property of a $100 million entertainment complex. You can also check online to see how to purchase a BPV parking spot in advance.

2) Starr Lot: Now I’m giving away my secrets. The Starr lot, located on South 7th Street directly across from Gate 2, is a tremendous deal at $15. It’s a short walk through the lot and you’re at the ballpark. I’ve never had to worry about finding a spot. The only drawback is that they force immediate post-game traffic south, which can cause quite a jam. So take your time, get to your car and then wait until they open up the north-bound lanes. You’ll be able to navigate to the highway from there.

1) Westin: The ultimate. This is the first time I’ve told my parking secret, but here goes. Valet parking at the Westin goes for $20 on most game days ($30 during the postseason). Keep in mind that there is limited availability. This option is especially useful with elderly family members or small children. Tell the attendants you’re there for the game. They’ll give you a ticket with a phone number you can call to have your car pulled around when you’re ready to leave.  Don’t forget to tip your valet driver. As an added bonus, the Clark Street Grill at the Westin is a nice oasis on a hot summer day, for both food and drink. The best part? Make a right out of the front drive, an immediate left at the light and you’re getting on 64/40 ahead of pretty much everyone else.