ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Steve Stenger has released a new campaign ad in response to an attack ad against him released by Charlie Dooley’s campaign yesterday.

Dooley’s ad criticizes Stenger for his role in defending a sex ring kingpin in 2000, saying it shows “Steve Stenger’s role in the victimization of women and young girls.”

The ad also accuses Stenger, who was one of several attorneys appointed to defend six men accused of running a nationwide sex trade ring, of taking a blame the victim approach, “saying it was the lifestyle they chose.”

Stenger calls Dooley’s ad “misleading and outlandish.”

In his response video, title “Ordered,” he says that he is a CPA and an attorney, and the court ordered him to take the case Dooley is attacking him for.

“I was doing my job,” Stenger says. “The real difference is Charlie started turning away victims of domestic violence at the County shelter.” Stenger says he passed a law to keep it open to all.

Stenger ends the ad by saying that there’s “too much waste and mismanagement in the County,” and together with prosecuting attorney Bob McCulloch, he’ll clean it up.

WATCH both ads below:


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