(CNN) – The parents of Michael Brown sat down with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Thursday for their most extended interview since the shooting death of their son.

Michael Brown Sr. said because of their son’s size, he and Lesley McSpadden – Michael’s mother – spoke to him about avoiding trouble with police officers.

“Because for one, they would think that he’s older than what he is,” Brown Sr. said. “He was 16, looked like he was 21.”

That didn’t prevent the 18-year-old from being fatally shot by Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson about two weeks ago.

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Cooper asked Michael’s father what it will take for justice to be served.

“For this guy to go to jail. So we can have some type of peace,” he replied. “Still walking around with pain, that’s not, that’s not fair to us.”

McSpadden had the following message for Wilson: “You had a choice. You chose the wrong one. And was it really necessary? No. My son was only 18.”

Both parents spoke at length about the pain they continue to go through since Aug. 9.

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“Nothing you can say is ever going to make me understand, what happened, ever,” McSpadden said.

She called her son “peaceful and humble” and said he did nothing to deserve getting gunned down in the street.

“The point of the matter is that officer killed and gunned down our son,” Brown Sr. said. “Even if he did, even if there was the case, he still didn’t deserve to be gunned down like he got gunned down.”

Both parents said their face-to-face meeting with Attorney General Eric Holder earlier this week did restore some faith that they will achieve justice.

Brown Sr. also had a message for protestors: “Just go back to your regular life,” he said. “Go back home to your family. Hug your son, hug your daughter, love your loved ones.”


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