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Landmark Theater’s Plaza Frontenac continues to be the best place (along with the Tivoli in U. City) to see really important and entertaining motion pictures. “Magic in the Moonlight” is a current example.

Photo courtesy of IMDB

Photo courtesy of IMDB

Academy Award winner Colin Firth appears as a well-known European illusionist whose act has a Chinese flair and is loved far and wide. The timeframe is the late 1920s. A colleague and old friend, played by Simon McBurney, approaches Firth’s character and asks his assistance in debunking a young American woman who is making her way around the wealthy villas of the Continent  holding séances and communicating with the deceased. Emma Stone plays Sophie, the medium with the maximum.

Photo courtesy of IMDC

Photo courtesy of IMDB

Firth’s character believes Sophie is a fraud and that he is just to person to unveil her for the swindler she really is.

Photo courtesy of IMDB

Photo courtesy of IMDB

In the meantime, Sophie is being courted by a wealthy ukulele playing son of a wealthy dowager who wants to set Sophie up in a Foundation so she can demonstrate her gift to the world.

Photo courtesy of IMDB

Photo courtesy of IMDB

As Firth spends more and more time with Sophie, he is won over by her charm and what seem to be her amazing gifts. He also begins to fall in love.

Photo courtesy of IMDB

Photo courtesy of IMDB

“Magic in the Moonlight” enables Woody Allen to do many marvelous things that are magical in their own right. The landscape of French Countryside, an unlikely love story, questions of life and the hereafter and very clever plot elements will find most audiences second-guessing and thoroughly enjoying this film with a perfect cast. I highly recommend “Magic in the Moonlight.” And be prepared for some remarkable story magic too.





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