Alex Ferrario, KMOX Sports

As we enter Week 7 of the NFL we take a look at the top 5 teams so far in the NFC.

1. Arizona Cardinals

It’s hard to argue that the Arizona Cardinals are not the top team in the NFC as we enter Week 7. They have possibly the best corner in the game in Patrick Peterson and a very scary offense when healthy. Although Carson Palmer has been injured a majority of the season, so far, that hasn’t stopped Arizona from remaining unbeaten in a tough NFC West as well as 3-0 at home this season.

2. Philadelphia Eagles

Chip Kelly’s second season is already an outstanding one which puts him second overall in the NFC. With additions of Darren Sproles, Malcom Jenkins and a healthy Jeremy Maclin, Kelly’s entertaining offense continues to rack points up in games. Another factor which intrigues so many about the Eagles is the fact that a load of injuries have hit Philly, yet they continue to prevail and remain 5-1 on the season.

3. Dallas Cowboys

You can’t argue against a team that is coming off defeating the Super Bowl Champions. Jason Garrett and Tony Romo are instilling faith back into America’s football team improving to 4-2 on the season. The loss of DeMarcus Ware had plenty concerned if this defense can hold its own in the NFC. So far they have, considering they have given up one of the fewest amount of points in their conference.

4. Seattle Seahawks

They are the Super Bowl Champions, all that needs to be said. The team has also taken a huge hit on injuries losing their starting Center, Right Guard, and Cornerback for three weeks. The defense has been exploited and the 12th man doesn’t seem to be so scary any more for teams. But, what has stayed consistent is quarterback Russell Wilson as he is a threat on the ground and in the air, as well as Marshawn Lynch who continues to show the NFL his “Beast Mode” status.

5. Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers is pumping up his offense in the NFC as the Packers continue to put up the most points in their division. The addition of Julius Peppers has also helped string together a scary defense for the Packers. Rodgers’ connection with Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb has provided plenty of spark for the offense as well as Eddie Lacy attacking the opposing defense with his run game. Packers have defeated the Bears and the Lions so far this season and may continue to impress many even though they sit at 4-2.


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