Charlie and Debbie talk about the cheating scandal at the University of North Carolina where their athletes were allowed to take “shadow”, easy courses because they could not “cut” the tougher courses. Should college athletes have to take “fake” classes?

The U.S. Ambassador to Ireland, the Hon. Kevin F. O’Malley, talks with Charlie discusses the importance of the position in the eyes of the Irish.

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar talks about protesters at County Police Headquarters yesterday, and police preparedness following the Grand Jury decision on the Michael Brown shooting case.

Charlie and Debbie talks with Jazz Guitarist/Singer John Pizzarelli about his album, “Double Exposure”, and his upcoming appearance at Jazz at the Bistro. (When: Oct. 22-25; Where: Jazz at the Bistro, 3536 Washington Avenue STL 63013; For tickets, call 314-289-4030 or
Segment 1:

Segment 2:

Segment 3:


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