ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Following the decision of the grand jury not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, the St. Louis County Prosecutor’s office released dozens of pages of witness interviews.

Read through all the released documents of witness testimony before the grand jury below:

Interview – Witness 10: “…I looked down the street and I seen the police car at a slant and I seen Mr. Brown in the window of the police car looked…it appeared as they were wrestling through the window and one gunshot had let off. And, Mr. Brown took off running and my first thought was like ‘oh my gosh’ did I actually just witness a police officer being murdered because it took awhile for the police officer to get out of the car and pursue the-the suspect.”

Witness 10 continues, “Mr. Brown was quite a distance and he stopped and when he stopped, he didn’t get down on the ground or anything. He turned around and he did some type of movement. I never seen him put his hands up or anything. I can’t recall the movement he did. I’m not sure if he pulled his pants up or-or whatever he did but I seen some type of movement and he started charging towards the police officer.”

Read the complete document: Interview – Witness 10

Interview – Witness 12: “Okay, I was in the bedroom and I hear a altercation outside. I happens to look out the window and I see um, the young guy was at the Ferguson police car on the passenger side window and um, that’s when I ran into the front outside and that’s when um, I see, actually it was two guys um, when, but the guy, he constantly, he just ran down in the middle of the street and the officer just gets out the car and shoots.”

Read the complete document: Interview – Witness 12-1

Interview – Witness 12 part 2: Detective: “…you approached me and said that you had somethin’ that you wanted to add to your statement, is that correct?” Witness 12: “Yeah, um, the only thing is a, when I was at the window when I saw the altercation, the guy ran…I heard shootin’, that’s when I saw the cop gets out the car just when I was still…”

Read the complete document: Interview – Witness 12-2

Interview – Witness 12 part 3: Detective: “So we came to, to re-interview you and, um, you mentioned to us, uh, briefly upstairs that, uh, you had a phone, uh, you had recorded a portion of this on your phone. Is that correct?” Witness 12: “Correct”

Read the complete document: Interview – Witness 12-3

Interview – Witness 14 part 1: “So, uh, after talking to [redacted] cause [redacted] was adamant for me not to say anything. [Redacted] not going to say anything, but [redacted] is really scared. Um, I talked it over with another fam…the other family members and let ’em know that it was weighing on me and uh I decided after seeing and hearing um, certain civil lead…civic leaders say certain things that I know, they were true but not quite accurate. And I want to set it straight, because the family needs to know what actually happened.”

Read the complete document: Interview – Witness 14-1

Interview – Witness 14 part 2: “So, I wanted to see what he was getting ready to do, but Michael was staggering, you could see him clearly staggering, you know, and then when he started like he was going down he fired again, and that’s when they said ‘oh my God, they just killed him.'”

Read the complete document:  Interview – Witness 14-2

Interview – Witness 16: “But, I remember lookin’-lookin’ directly at his face as he did it. His face was completely red with, who knows with anger or somethin’. And then he just killed him and he backed away a little bit and started pointing at people to direct them away from everything that was going on and that is where I start recording it so I have video of that happening.”

Read the complete document: Interview – Witness 16

Interview – Witness 22: “Yes. Um, I was sleep and so I heard the first two shots. I’m thinking it’s just the construction men that was outside and my boyfriend was looking out the window and he told me to come here, so I came to the window. I saw the young man grabbing his, either his stomach or his side and had it…then he put his hands up and then the man just keep aiming…um…firing and then that was it. And then I went outside and saw the rest of it.”

Read the complete document: Interview – Witness 22

Interview – Witness 25: “While standing there lookin’, I assumed, I figured that they had tased him and he just was resisting. He wasn’t going down but then when I talked to my fiance he said that it was actually gunshots and maybe like he shot ’em two more times and that’s when the guy tipped over.”

Read the complete document: Interview – Witness 25

Interview – Witness 30: “The only time I can remember his hands up is…when he flung them out briefly…when he was running away and got hit… And..and..and..he kinda flung them out, and staggered around. Uh..uh…to face the officer, and come back toward the officer.”

Read the complete document: Interview – Witness 30

Witness 32: “I heard just three more gunshots. I don’t know if it was two or three…I know it “dot, dot, dot” and then..I saw when the young man just hit the ground. When he hit the ground..I just got terr..I mean…I was just stunned…”

Read the complete document: Interview – Witness 32

Witness 34: “Then the officer got out the truck he was kinda like chasing behind but the officer wasn’t running that fast you know like…looked like he was shaken up or something and all of sudden the young man he turned around and started coming back towards the officer yeah right. Then the officer shot him a couple times then that’s when I turned around.”

Read the complete document: Interview – Witness 34

Witness 35: “So, I seen Michael Brown, my best friend drop to his knees, he dropped to his knees he looked at my cousin and told him ‘run for your life.’”

Read the complete document: Interview – Witness 35

Witness 37: “And that’s when he stopped and threw his hands in the air. He just like this, the officer gave a pursuit, he slowly walked up hit him two, three more times. Pow, pow, pow. He leaned over, hit his head. He laid flat juts like this on the concrete. And that’s when I seen the officer, patiently took his time, stood over, fired more shots.”

“How many?”

“I counted, I counted ten.”

Read the complete document: Interview – Witness 37

Witness 38: “I figured maybe he’s…frightening them, gonna pop…fire a warning shot or something…And then, as I was turning the corner I heard boom, boom, boom, boom, boom…like six, seven shots.”

Read the complete document: Interview – Witness 38

Witness 41: “And um, Michael Brown’s on his knees with his hands up and he was being shot up. And then he-he fell. The officer got out of his truck, SUV rather and that’s when he stood over the boy and just emptied his clip.”

Read the complete interview: Interview – Witness 41

Witness 41-2: “He-he was on knees with his hands up like this. And, I only saw the back of him. I didn’t see the front of him. I didn’t see no nose or nothin’ because I don’t know where the wounds was at and I was at the tip of the lot and the boy was on the ground on his knees with his hands up. And, that’s the honest God truth.”

Read the complete document: Interview – Witness 41-2

Witness 42: “He shot again, shot the individual in the back, Mr. Brown, I don’t know what part of the back he shot but he turned around, Mr. Brown turned around…and literally put his arms up…in a, fashion to where…my understanding that means surrender.”

Read the complete document: Interview – Witness 42

Witness 43: “…so I looked out the window and I saw a man with his hands in a police car tryin’ to snatch it away and then got away. He pulled out the taser and tried to tase him but he missed.”

Read the complete document: Interview – Witness 43

Witness 44: “The first thing I saw was the police car um sitting out there and I saw the two boys, I don’t know what he said to them but then I saw him like back up in a slant. You know and hit them. Like they were on the, I don’t, they was like on the street and he backed up like on a slant like this. And that’s what caught my attention.”

Read the complete document: Interview – Witness 44

Witness 45: “And all I saw was the police arm come out the window, and grab him by his collar. And…the first shot went off. He tried to run, that’s when the second shot went off. He stopped and with his arms up, never went down to portray he had a weapon or anything.”

Read the complete document: Interview – Witness 45

Witness 46: “So I jumped in my car, but I started hollerin’ then people started comin’ out the apartment complex. And everybody just started screamin’ and stuff. I mean it, when I go to sleep at night, I hear gunshots. And then I think about what if that’s my child, what would I had did, (crying) that’s the only reason I told them I would speak up.”

Read the complete document: Interview – Witness 46

Witness 48-1: “…I seen a young man standing near the cruiser, you heard two shots fired.”

Detective: “Uh hmm..”

Witness: “And then you seen him take off down the street.”

Detective: “Ok.”

Witness: “And then a police officer hopped out of his cruiser and started chasing him, the dude turned back around and started charging towards the police officer, the police officer told him to stop at least three times.”

Detective: “Uh hmm.”

Witness: “And the boy wouldn’t stop, he fired three rounds, the dude kept running, fired four more rounds, and then he finished off the rounds I guess, and he fell on the ground dead.”

Read the complete document: Interview – Witness 48-1

Witness 48-2 – Phone Call: This interview took place over the phone.

Detective: “Ok, so when you say, when the first couple shots were fired, are you meaning when…”

Witness: “The first two in the vehicle.”

Detective: “…when-when-when he was standing outside the vehicle and the policeman was still inside, that’s when that guy ran away?”

Witness: “Yes.”

Read the complete document: Interview – Witness 48-2 – Phone Call

Witness 57-2: Audio playing from a video recorded on the witnesses cell phone: Unknown Male One: “[Unintelligible] Damn, he dead…blood everwhere and [expletive deleted] Mmm. Just standin’ around, they blockin’ the street off now”

Unknown Male Two: “He was chasin’ him.”

UM1: “No, the guy was fightin’ him in the car, the guy was fightin’ him in the car Police [unintelligible]. No, the guy was, I don’t know when I looked [unintelligible] police was fightin’ him, [unintelligible] police had pulled him over…and uh, he was fightin’…the guy was fightin’ at the police, and the guy started runnin’ and the police shot him, I don’t know…killed him. The guy was runnin’ though, but the police killed him…police killed him.”

Read the complete document: Interview – Witness 57-2

Interview – Witness 62: Witness 62 treated Darren Wilson at the hospital after the altercation with Michael Brown. “…so the ear drums and the ear canals were normal, um, so that they were not ruptured.. There was no redness or swelling to the area…Um, no obvious nasal injury meaning that there was no swelling or deformity to the nose itself. No epistaxis means that his nose was not bleeding…kinda just below the cheek area of the-the jaw and the right mid maxillary region which is just above kind of near were the upper teeth line would be. That’s where he had a little bit of pain when I pushed on there. Um, there was no swelling to the area no deformity and no crepitus meaning that there was no sensation of um, bones moving under there which would sometimes indicate a broken bone.”

Read the complete document: Interview – Witness 62

Interview – Witness 64-2: “Aaa we pulled up at a stop sign and we heard two shots and while we were tryin’ to figure out whether they were gun shots or firecrackers we seen a, well I saw the guy, Mike Brown. I seen him take off running and I saw the cop following him and shooting at him and I seen him turn around and stumble or come towards the cop and then I seen him hit the ground. That’s all I saw.”

Read the complete document: Interview – Witness 64-2

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