Alex Ferrario, KMOX Sports Reporter

With the Super Bowl now behind us, the 2014 NFL season is officially all wrapped up. One of the most exciting parts of the off-season will be looking at the possible free agents. Here is a look at the top 10 free agents for 2015:

1) Ndamukong Suh – Detroit Lions
Probably the top rated free agent this off-season. It’s unknown if Suh will remain in Detroit, where he’s been hit with a few suspensions during his tenure, or if he’ll search the market. If he does hit the market, all 30 teams will be chomping at the bit for this defensive tackle.

2) Dez Bryant – Dallas Cowboys
Dez is definitely one of two top free agents. It is more likely that Dez stays in Jerry’s World with the Cowboys, where he had one of his best seasons in 2014. But, Bryant might look for a team with a better track record in the playoffs than Romo and the Cowboys.

3) Demaryius Thomas – Denver Broncos
The other strong receiver in this draft…Demaryius Thomas. Thomas struggled in Denver being the sole target for Peyton Manning without Eric Decker on the other side. Will these struggles against top defenders cause problems for him in the market?

4) Justin Houston – Kansas City Chiefs
Kansas City’s pass rusher may hit the jackpot in free agency. A strong outside line-backer will flourish whether it’s with the Chiefs or with another team. KC is going to want to hold onto Houston, but if they can’t afford the money he may be looking elsewhere.

5) Jason Pierre-Paul – New York Giants
The former Super Bowl champion has seen his ups and downs with the New York Giants. Pierre-Paul has been a part of a losing team over the past few seasons, but the Giants saw upside the last seven games of the 2014 season. Pierre-Paul has made it known that he wants to see another Super Bowl. Will that be with the Giants? It’s starting to look like a no.

6) DeMarco Murray – Dallas Cowboys
Running backs are hard to come by in free agency, especially ones that hit 100+ yards rushing per game. Dallas will be at a crossroad having to either pay-up for Bryant or pay up for Murray. Both will be tough to keep in Dallas for the amount of money that they expect. Murray is an interesting piece of the puzzle if Adrian Peterson does not return next season or to a team that has money to spend, like Oakland.

7) Devin McCourty – New England Patriots
Probably one of the few elite secondary defensive backs this season in the market is Devin McCourty. Plus, he has a Super Bowl ring to back him up. McCourty had an injury-filled 2014 season, but when he did play he continued his elite reputation in the league. McCourty may want to stick with New England if they can keep the nucleus of the team together for next season. Especially if Darelle Revis hits the market.

8) Jeremy Maclin – Philadelphia Eagles
The former Missouri receiver would like great in a Rams uniform, right? Don’t get your hopes too high…the Eagles have already made it known that they will do their best to keep Maclin. The question mark at QB may be a piece that challenges Maclin’s decision for his future. But, all signs point to him returning to Philly.

9) Mike Iupati – San Francisco 49ers
The stand-out offensive lineman in this year’s market most likely will be leaving San Francisco. A tough 2014 season and a change in coaching may have Iupati walking into a bigger paycheck in free agency. The 49ers have depth that can fill his void and other teams are in need of O-Line help, including the Rams.

10) Brian Orakpo – Washington Redskins
Don’t expect this Redskins cornerstone to hit the market, unless Washington doesn’t want him. Orakpo missed the 2014 season due to an injury but he is one of the top linebackers in the NFL. The Redskins have said they want to keep him, it will just come down to money, which Redskins will have plenty of.

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