Imagine life without the security and stability of family
Kids enter foster care because of abuse and neglect by those they love most. Through no fault
of their own, they find their world turned upside down, being cared for by a system that, although full of committed and well-intentioned people, cannot begin to meet the needs of all kids in its care.

Child victims, who have already gone through so much pain and loss, have the least power in the decisions made by the court and by professionals who are responsible for their well-being. But they have the most to gain or lose in those decisions.

Kids need someone to speak up for them at the most critical and vulnerable times of their lives.

Voices for Children gives children a strong voice in the critical decisions that impact every aspect of their lives. With our child advocates representing them, they spend less time in foster care and receive better services while in care. They have someone on their side. They have hope for the future.

Children in Foster Care Should be Seen AND Heard
Voices for Children speaks up for abused and neglected children by holding the child welfare and court systems accountable for the decisions they make. We do this in two ways.

Speaking Up for the Individual Child
Voices for Children’s teams of child advocates—CASA volunteers, child advocacy attorneys , and social workers— represent the best interests of child victims, giving them a powerful voice in court and in the community. While focusing on the child’s safety and progress toward a forever family, we advocate for expediting vital health, mental health and educational services, maintaining family connections, and giving children typical childhood experiences while in foster care.

Speaking Up for All Kids in Foster Care
We collaborate with court and community partners to improve practices and work to advance policy and systemic changes that positively impact all kids in foster care in St. Louis and throughout Missouri. These efforts focus on strengthening systems – court, child welfare, education, health, and mental health – to make life better for all kids in foster care.

Organization’s Mission:
Voices for Children advocates for abused and neglected children and youth in St. Louis by representing their best interests in court and in the community.

How You Can Get Involved:
Be a CASA Volunteer
This is a cause where your actions can change a life. As a CASA volunteer – a trained, sworn officer of the court – you will speak up for a child at the most vulnerable time of his or her life. The difference you make will last a lifetime.

Give a Gift of Hope
Your gift will give hope and a voice to abused and neglected kids and help us improve the system for all kids in foster care. All donations are tax-deductible and help us serve more children. Gifts of $100 or more qualify for a 50% Missouri state tax credit.

Be a Friend of Voices
You can be a part of the solution by contributing your time, talents and compassion in a variety of ways – helping with events, raising awareness, working in the office and more.


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