Every month we take you on a journey through what you can see in the night sky for the month.  To guide us on that journey, Senior Editor Michael Bakich from Astronomy Magazine joins us.  This month Michael says we will see a Super Moon and Lunar Eclipse on the same night.  He also says that you won’t see Mars, but you can see Venus.  And, Michael talks about the wonders of your first time really seeing the night sky in an area without light pollution.


TheHill.com is the place to go if you want to find non-partisan coverage of Capital Hill and beyond.  We bring Niall Stanage on the show to tell us what happened and what we should expect in the world of politics.  Niall explains why President Obama’s trade agenda had a stinging defeat, Governor Jeb Bush’s thoughts on the Iraq Invasion, and why Fox News is fighting with Obama over the portrayal of low-income persons.