As we sit a little over a month from the 2015 All-Star game there are a few names that are not leading in the votes that should be. A couple names pop out in the National League and American League so here is my Top 5 players who should be leading in All-Star votes.

1) Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona Diamondbacks
Goldschmidt seems to be the best pick for first baseman as we sit today. Adrian Gonzales of the Dodgers holds the number one position but Goldschmidt is out hitting Gonzales in every position. Paul holds five more HR than Gonzales along with a much higher slugging percentage (.677). Goldschmidt is a strong defensive first baseman and would be the better choice for the NL Al-Star team.

2.) Xander Bogaerts, Boston Red Sox
I think it’s crazy that so many Kansas City Royals are leading in votes. Specifically at shortstop, Escobar is a great shortstop but Bogaerts is just as strong. Offensively,  Bogaerts’ BA, RBIs, and Triples are higher than any other shortstop in the AL. Plus he struck out less than Escobar as well.

3) Stephen Vogt, Oakland Athletics
There aren’t that many choices at catcher in the AL for the All-Star game but Perez from the Royals is a step under Vogt from Oakland. Vogt is tremendously out hitting Perez with RBI’s Slugging Percentage, HR, even Triples. Take into consideration the stadium that Oakland plays in. But still, Vogt seems to be the better choice for starting catcher at the All-Star Game.

4) Jacoby Ellsbury, Boston Red Sox
Alex Gordon from the Royals is the third Outfielder with Mike Trout and Lorenzo Cain. Gordon just doesn’t fit the mold for All-Stars. I’m not sure how one can overlook the year Ellsbury is having with the Yankees. He’s part of the reason the Yankees have den streaking this season along with he has struck out only 23 times this season. A tremendous lead-off hitter and only 1 HR this season. His RBI total is small too but his batting average is the best in AL.

5) Joc Pederson, LA Dodgers
The sensational rookie from Los Angeles would be an upgrade from the final Outfield spot held by Giancarlo Stanton. Pederson has been taking the NL by storm with his power hitting. Pederson has 17 HRs this season, second in MLB. Pederson does strike out a lot but if you want power in the line-up against the AL, then Pederson seems to be the right choice.