By JENNIFER PELTZ - Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) – Somewhere out there are an admitted killer who crawled through a Texas prison’s ventilation ducts. A murderer who apparently escaped from an Indiana institution in a garbage truck. And a Florida convict who got other inmates to put him in a crate at the prison furniture shop and had himself delivered to freedom by truck.

The Associated Press found in a coast-to-coast survey that more than 220 state prison escapees nationwide are listed as on the loose.

Two of them have been the focus of an intense manhunt for the past two weeks since their breakout from a maximum-security prison in northern New York.

Many others have been gone for decades, leaving scant prospects of finding them. But prison systems say they keep pushing to find escaped convicts.

The Associated Press asked all 50 states for a current total of escapees from secure, locked state prisons where they were held full-time, not including those who walked off from work release or other unfenced settings.

States keep varying data on such escapes. Some states supplied data for all time, while others included only recent years. In states whose data reaches back to the first half of the 20th century, officials say some of the escapees are almost certainly dead.

The number of escaped prisoners still at large by state:
Alabama 16
Alaska 0
Arizona 0 Data dates to about 1995
Arkansas 0
California x Unable to break down escapes from secure prisons vs. less secure settings
Colorado 0
Connecticut 0 Data dates to 1995
Delaware 0
Florida 63 Data dates to 1943
Georgia 1
Hawaii 0
Idaho 2 Data dates to 1968
Illinois 2 Data dates to 1955; last escape was in early 1980s
Indiana 1 Escape was in 2001
Iowa 0
Kansas 3 Data dates to 1975
Kentucky 3 Data dates to 1951; two escapes were in 1950s
Louisiana 4 Data dates to 1963
Maine 2 Both escapes happened in 1970s
Maryland 90 Data dates to 1937
Massachusetts 0
Michigan 1 Escape was in 1979
Minnesota 0
Mississippi 0
Missouri 0
Montana 1 Escape was in 1989
Nebraska 2 Data dates to 1952
Nevada 1 Escape was in 1975
New Hampshire 0
New Jersey 7 Data dates to 1943
New Mexico 0
New York 2 The two inmates who escaped earlier this month
North Carolina 1 Data dates to 2000
North Dakota 0
Ohio x Unable to break down escapes from secure prisons vs. less secure settings
Oklahoma 6 Data dates to at least 1973
Oregon 0 Data dates to about 2003-2005
Pennsylvania 0
Rhode Island 5 Data dates to 1979
South Carolina 0
South Dakota 0
Tennessee 0 Data dates to about 1995
Texas 1 Escape was in 2010
Utah 3 Escapes were between 1979 and 1981
Vermont 0
Virginia 3 Data dates to 1943
Washington 0 Data dates to at least 2000
West Virginia 1
Wisconsin 0
Wyoming 3 Escapes were in 1960s

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