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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Let’s say you’re at a charity trivia event and at the table next to yours you overhear the following:

TRIVIA CHEATER: Siri, what’s the capital of Argentina?

SIRI: Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina.


Do you immediately stand up and call them out as cheaters or just let it slide?

KMOX News asked that question during a recent trivia night at the Schlafly Tap Room.

(KMOX/Brad Choat)

(KMOX/Brad Choat)

“Well, I wouldn’t want to cause a scene, I guess,” repliec Garrett Neese of St. Charles. “Especially at a charity event like this.”

Still, he added, “Cheating in any facet really takes the fun out of it and it isn’t worth it if you have to cheat to get there.”

So take that, cheaters.

John Thomas of South St. Louis County admitted it was a question he’d already been pondering before being approached about the subject by KMOX.

“I was thinking ‘Bluetooth to a guy out in the van who has a computer’,” he said, tongue firmly in cheek, before quickly adding, “I wouldn’t necessarily do it, I just had the idea.”

But according to KMOX car show host and longtime trivia night quizmaster Greg Damon, his observations tell him that too many people are giving into temptation.  That cheating has been much more rampant recently he says.

“Technology’s a great thing,”Damon says. “But on the other hand technology’s a bad thing when you can conceal the whole internet in the size of a cell phone and somebody sitting in the back of the room can easily access that.”

(KMOX/Brad Choat)

(KMOX/Brad Choat)

Those caught doing it at events where he’s emceeing run the risk of being publicly exposed and penalized.

“Someone said ‘Hey, this table back here is cheating!’, and I called them out on it,” Damon recalled. “And they missed one question on that round because of it.”

Some have suggested collecting all cell phones at the door or even using technology to jam cell phone signals while a game night’s in session, but Damon feels that’s going too far because there are doctors and police officers who might receive emergency calls, or parents who need to check on baby-sitters mid-contest.

He hopes the Honor System will be enough to keep Trivia Nights from becoming a thing of the past, victims of the Age of Instant Technology.

“It’s a sad thing because I think trivia nights are extremely fun,” Damon said. “But it will become where folks just won’t have fun any more because they know people are cheating.”

So get out there with a team of friends, but put the cell phones away for a couple of hours.

For a comprehensive list of upcoming local trivia events, go to

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