We hope you’re enjoying your Sunday! This morning we learned about a scholarship to help women earn I-T degrees, how funding cuts could hurt endangered species, if Harry likes a new movie about Mexican hit men, went to Brian’s Pet Peeve Farm and celebrated birthdays,  including one of the best managers in Cardinals’ history.

In honor of National Techies Day, which was Saturday, WGU Missouri is offering a new scholarship to help more women get into the technology field. You can hear Chancellor Angie Besendorfer discuss it here. For more information on the scholarship click here.

The Defenders of Wildlife are concerned that tightening budgets could hurt efforts to protect endangered species, in Missouri and elsewhere. Senior Vice President Don Barry discusses their concerns here. You can find out more by clicking here and going to their website.

The new movie “Sicario” was the topic of Harry Hamm’s review. You can hear what he had to say here.

Birthdays Sunday include the KC native who played Billie Jo, Jim Bob, TLR and an actor whose dad leads a popular local band. The list is here

And for the first time in a while we took a trip to Brian’s Pet Peeve Farm. It was sparked by the viral video of the sorority girls at an Arizona Diamondbacks game. Click here to see what he and Maria had to say about it.

Thanks for checking in. We’ll talk with you next Saturday. Have a great week!

Maria and Brian


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