For this week’s edition of From The Archives, presented by Stark Brothers Nurseries in Louisiana, Missouri, we go back to December 12, 2000. Bob Costas returned to KMOX to host a series of interviews in a series called the KMOX Evening Special. On this date, he sat down with legendary broadcaster Jack Buck.

The first clip includes audio from a St. Louis Cardinals pre-game broadcast that featured Buck and Harry Caray. Buck talks about getting his start in broadcasting, his history with KMOX and his 50 years spent in the business.

In the second clip, we hear a highlight from Buck’s career covering Stan Musial. Buck tells Costas he thinks the call in the particular highlight is dull. He shares some of his stories from covering Musial with Caray.

The third clip starts with audio from Buck and Caray in 1958. Buck tells Costas “When we were sober, we were among the best…I don’t think we were ever both sober at the same time.” Buck talks about how his relationship with Caray began and shares stories of Caray’s death and funeral.

Part four of this interview begins with a clip of Jack’s call of Lou Brock’s historic 105th stolen base in 1974. Costas talks about Buck’s broadcasting craft, comparing him to other legendary broadcasters.

In the fifth clip of the interview, Jack talks about working with famous comedian Jonathan Winters and the friendship they developed over the years.

The interview continues in this sixth clip and Costas asks Buck about Richard Ben Cramer’s book about Joe DiMaggio. Buck says the book was “a hatchet job” on DiMaggio and shares what Stan Musial thought about the book. He also talks about his relationship with DiMaggio.

Buck talks about his experiences at CBS in the 1990’s and his relationship with Tim McCarver in part seven of the interview with Costas.

In the final clip of the interview, Buck and Costas tie up loose ends. Buck shares stories of covering the NFL with Frank Gifford.


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