Charlie Brennan hosts this weeks episode of From the Archives presented by Stark Brothers Nurseries in Louisiana, Missouri.

In the first segment we listen to the KMOX coverage of the assassination and funeral of President John F. Kennedy. From the Archives revisits this dark and tragic moment in American history.

The second segment comes back to St. Louis for a happier moment in the history of St. Louis. June 8th 1958 St. Louis celebrated Stan Musial’s 3000th hit. There to report on the event was the great Harry Caray.

On the third segment “The Man Who Walks and Talks at Midnight” John McCormick tells a wonderful tale called Life on the Mississippi. Listen on John talks about the old rolling river and the life and cities that grew up along it’s muddy banks.

On the final segment of the first hour Charlie Brennan has a phone conversation with President Bill Clinton. The conversation happened while President Clinton was flying into St. Louis and covers negativity in the media and coverage of a White House staff controversy.

On the first segment of the second hour we hear the story of the 1964 St. Louis Football Cardinals from the great talents of Gene Kelly and Jim Butler.

In this clip Bob Costas talks with St. Louis legend and the godfather of Rock N Roll, Chuck Berry. Chuck talks about what it was like trying to record his music in St. Louis. He also talks about the wonderful moment when he first heard one of his songs on the radio.

For the final segment of From the Archives we listen as Bob Hope plays a friendly prank and then interviews St. Louis Cardinal Joe Garagiola about his book Baseball is a Funny Game.