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Undeniable: With Joe Buck is a must listen every week on KMOX. Buck’s new show is an hour-long one-on-one interview with the greatest icons in sports – Derek Jeter, Abby Wambach, Kelly Slater, Chuck Liddell and Joe Torre, just to name a few – and here are five reasons why you should listen:

1. Joe Buck called Derek Jeter a ‘little bitch’ – Umm…you can’t just say that to the greatest Yankee of all-time and get away with it can you? The short story is when Jeter dodged a question, Buck called him out. At the end of each hour-long interview Buck ends with five “Would you rather” questions. Some that Jeter had –  Would you rather shrink to the size of an ant, or grow to the size of Godzilla? Would you rather look like Jar Jar Binks or sound like him?

Although I think it is a little bit of a weak way to end an interview, they make for some interesting answers. But after learning so much about them in 50 minutes, you can almost guess what they are going to say in the last 10.

CREDIT: Walter Iooss Jr. for Sports Illustrated

CREDIT: Walter Iooss Jr. for Sports Illustrated

2. Even the subjects are surprised – Now you can’t see the photos that Buck, his interviewee and the audience are looking and laughing at. But he does describe the important ones. Both Jeter and Abby Wambach are jolted when seeing a photo and seem to forget what they are talking about mid-sentence. Wambach even says she had never seen one of the photos before, so you know the investigative team behind Buck spent a lot of time looking at photo albums with the parents of his interviewees.

In some cases a photo will hijack the interview and take it to a perfect place for a new story to be told. Like when Jeter sees a 1997 cover of Sports Illustrated of him and four other shortstops in Major League Baseball at that time. Which takes me to my next point…

3. Untold stories – Can you think of one baseball player under the age of 30, and in his prime physical shape, who wouldn’t take his shirt off for a SI cover photo shoot? Well Jeter says he was the only shortstop in that 1997 cover that really did not want to take his shirt off. I’ll let him explain it:

Wambach still remembers when her high school team lost in the New York State Championship game. You have won a freakin’ World Cup, and you still talk about high school. But she makes a good point, because without that defeat, she wouldn’t be as tough as she is today. Without losing after being up 3-0 in that game as a teenager, maybe Japan comes back to beat a 35-year-old Wambach and the U.S. women in the 2015 World Cup Final.

4. Not afraid of a little gossip – Girls want to date Jeter. That is not my opinion, but a supported fact when you look at his dating history (it’s just a Google search away). Super model, after singer, after actress have been rumored to be his main squeeze, and never has there been a bad word about him. Except for a pretty famous rumor. One that he explains to Buck, who was setting Jeter up the whole time to say it, that each woman who “spends the night with him” goes home with a gift basket. A gift basket filled with signed Jeter memorabilia. Which is, of course, false.

Kevin C. Cox/ Getty images sports

Kevin C. Cox/ Getty images sports

Buck even covers the “Did you see who she is dating?” gossip with Wambach. After winning the 2015 World Cup, her first out of four tries, she kisses her wife — as any person who wins anything would do to celebrate. Of course it isn’t about the high school gossip of Abby kissed Sarah. It was an image broadcast to the world and Buck gives Wambach the chance to explain how the kiss celebrates not just a world championship, but a social movement.

5. He called Derek Jeter, quote ‘A little bitch’– Enough said.

Listen on Friday at 9 p.m. on KMOX. This week’s guest is NFL Hall of Fame quarterback, Troy Aikman.


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