When it comes to the movies you want to know is the price of a ticket and popcorn worth it for the latest flick.  This is why we talk to Dave White from Linoleum-Knife.com.  This week Dave talks about “The Revenant”, “Brooklyn” and more.


Ed Bark is a long-time Dallas area television critic who joins us each morning to talk about the latest on the small screen.  Each week Ed reviews what was on and helps preview what is going to be on.  Ed talks Golden Globes, American Idol and more this week.


Every month we sit down with Michael Bakich from Astronomy Magazine to talk about what you can see in the sky tonight.  This month you will be able to see Venus at it’s brightest, Saturn will be bigger than the moon in the night sky if you are on the west coast, and Michael gives us a sneak peek at the latest issue of the magazine.


There is only one question we ask you every Friday morning and that is “Are ya’ hungry?”  Each week we bring in James Beard Award nominee, Cheffy Baby to talk to us about the latest flavors, chefs, and trends in food.  This week Cheffy talks about Chik-Fil-A’s new coleslaw, Jon distaste for mayonnaise, and how long you should wait for a pizza to be delivered.

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Part 2