At Mission: St. Louis, we believe that crime and drug problems in our city are rooted in poverty. Poverty isn’t solved through charity, but through empowering people with education and employment.

Beyond School
Many youth in our city are not on track to graduate high school, much less have a successful career. Our Beyond School program provides individualized learning time during after school hours. Students are gaining 3 months of reading skills for every month in the program, getting back on track for success in high school and beyond.

Beyond Jobs
Our Beyond Jobs programs create opportunity for people to provide for their families. While only 16% of men are working when they come into our programs, five months later more than 73% are employed. Crime rates are going down: 91% of participants have not gotten new warrants or felonies since entering Beyond Jobs. They are staying out of the penal system and working their way out of poverty.

YOU can impact our city!
Help people work their way into a better life, making our city safer:

Give your time • Mission: St. Louis mobilizes 1,000 volunteers a year- many who are from the business community. Use your expertise to have sustainable impact. Many different opportunities are available, from working with people, to behind the scenes help, to hosting small events.

Invest in our city • Your investment will help kids get a better education and help adults get employment. All donations are tax-deductible, and our GuideStar Gold certification provides accountability that dollars are spent wisely. Certain gifts are eligible for a 50% tax credit- contact to learn more.

Learn more at or 314-534-1188.


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