In today’s world there are mega-multiplex’s with 18 or more screens available each with a different film on it.  And, you walk up to the box office at the local theatre not sure whether to see the latest romantic comedy or the horror film that everyone is talking about.  This is why we go to the experts from and the Linoleum-Knife Podcast.  Dave White is our go to guy for deciphering if its a win or a flop before you spend money at the concession stand.  This week Dave talks to us about “The Jungle Book” and “Barbershop: The Next Cut”.


If it is on the small screen then chances our Ed Bark from has seen it.  This is why we bring long-time television critic Ed in each week to talk about what we saw on the tv and what we might see next week.  This week Ed talks about Kobe Bryant’s last game and what Kerry Washington is up to next.


Olympic swimmer Misty Hyman is an American Gold Medalist from the 2000 summer games in Sydney, Australia.  This morning Misty dropped in to talk about adults learning to swim and why this month is dedicated to just that.


This week on Nat Geo Wild you will be able to catch a new show “Second Chance Chihuahua’s”.  Laura Dash, the shows host, sat in with Jon this morning to talk about the ongoing issue of animals that rise in popularity and then fall with unintended consequences.


A murder mystery, revenge plots and family angst – oh my! The latest novel-turned-movie in the “Hallmark: Movies and Mysteries” lineup is sure to keep you on the edge of you seat, while reacquainting you with some of the most beloved actors of our time!  Joining us this morning to chat about the premiere of “White Hot” is New York Time’s best-selling author, Sandra Brown, and leading man, John Schneider.


The man who was responsible for bringing the Rolling Stones to Cuba after decades of troubled relations with the U.S. sat down with Jon to talk about the experience.  Jim Allison spoke with us about bringing the first Rock group to the small island nation in decades.


Are ya hungry?  Of course you are.  Each week here on the show we sit down with our favorite James Beard Award nominee Cheffy Baby.  Cheffy takes us on a culinary journey through the world of food.  This week Cheffy talks about White Castle’s push to increase the price of their food, The latest food trend you won’t believe, and more.

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