Everyone wants to be naked and famous…  …or not.  But we are often curious how they are doing.  This is why we sit down with Melody Chiu each week to talk about the latest issue of People Magazine.  This week Melody talks about Bryce Dallas Howard and more.


In today’s world there are mega-multiplex’s with 18 or more screens available each with a different film on it.  And, you walk up to the box office at the local theatre not sure whether to see the latest romantic comedy or the horror film that everyone is talking about.  This is why we go to the experts from TheWrap.com and the Linoleum-Knife Podcast.  Dave White is our go to guy for deciphering if its a win or a flop before you spend money at the concession stand.  This week Dave talked to us about “Sausage Party”, “Pete’s Dragon”, and more.


Shannon Lee Miller is a former gymnast from Edmond, Oklahoma. She was the 1996 Olympics balance beam gold medalist and a member of the gold medal-winning Magnificent Seven team at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. This morning Shannon joined us from Rio to talk about the current games and to talk about how Hershey’s chocolate wants to support other athletes.


Guns, germs, and steel might have transformed us from hunter-gatherers into modern man, but booze, sex, trash talk, and tripping built our civilization. Cracked editor Robert Evans brings his signature dogged research and lively insight to uncover the many and magnificent ways vice has influenced history, from the prostitute-turned-empress who scored a major victory for women’s rights to the beer that helped create—and destroy—South America’s first empire. And Evans goes deeper than simply writing about ancient debauchery; he recreates some of history’s most enjoyable (and most painful) vices and includes guides so you can follow along at home.  Robert joins Jon to talk about his book and to share some of the best things inside.


In light of the recent violence across America, the goal of the United Nations #Stand2Protect Peace Summit is to bring together community and global leaders, law enforcement, politicians and influencers to discuss real solutions to end the growing divide between law enforcement and the communities they are sworn to protect and serve.  Former NFL player Jack Brewer joined us to talk about the growing divide between citizens and law enforcement as well as how we can work to fix it.


David Mandel is the showrunner of “Veep” and formerly an executive producer and director of Curb Your Enthusiasm, a writer for Seinfeld during its seventh, eighth, and ninth seasons.  David sat down with Jon to talk about Veep’s 17 Emmy nominations and the upcoming season.


There is only one question we ask you every Friday morning on the show; Are you Hungry? Of course you are and that is why sit down with our very own James Beard Award Nominee, Cheffy Baby.  Cheffy Baby talks about the most consumed food in the Athlete’s Village, Celeb Chefs, and more.

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