ST. LOUIS (KMOX/AP) — Phyllis Schlafly, one of the most iconic and recognizable leaders in America’s conservative movement for many decades, has died.

Schlafly founded the Eagle Forum in 1972, a pro-family conservative group focusing heavily on social issues — it has about 80,000 members and, as of this week, Schlafly was still president.

“Phyllis Schlafly spent an astounding 70 years in public service of her fellow Americans,” said the Eagle Forum in a statement. “Her focus from her earliest days until her final ones was protecting the family, which she understood as the building block of life. She recognized America as the greatest political embodiment of those values. From military superiority and defense to immigration and trade; from unborn life to the nuclear family and parenthood, Phyllis Schlafly was a courageous and articulate voice for common sense and traditional values.”

“America has lost a great stateswoman, and we at Eagle Forum and among the conservative movement have lost a beloved friend and mentor, who taught and inspired so many to fight the good fight in defense of American values,” said Eunie Smith, Eagle Forum’s First Vice President in a statement. “I have personally lost a dear friend of over forty years.”

Schlafly was born Aug. 15, 1924, and grew up in Depression-era St. Louis. Her parents were Republican but not politically involved.

Her own activism was born partly out of convenience. With the country involved in World War II during her college years, Schlafly worked the graveyard shift at the St. Louis Ordnance Plant. Her job included testing ammunition by firing machine guns. She would get off work at 8 a.m., attend morning classes, then sleep in the middle of the day before doing it all over again.

The schedule limited her options for a major. “In order to pick classes to fit my schedule I picked political science,” Schlafly recalled in the 2007 interview.

She graduated from Washington University in 1944, when she was 19. Her first taste of real politics came at age 22, when she guided the 1946 campaign of Republican congressional candidate Claude Bakewell, helping him to a major upset win.

In 1952, with her young family living in nearby Alton, Illinois, Schlafly’s husband, attorney John Schlafly Jr., was approached about running for Congress. He declined, but she ran and narrowly lost in a predominantly Democratic district. She also ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 1970.

She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington University in 1944 — her masters from Radcliffe College in 1945 — and a J.D. from Washington University in 1978. She also received an honorary degree from Washington University in 2008.

She was known nationwide and in many political circles as the reason the Equal Rights Amendment was defeated in the 1970s and, subsequently, into the 1980s. As momentum grew in the 1970s for the amendment, Schlafly became its most outspoken critic and was vilified by its supporters. She had a pie smashed into her face and pig’s blood thrown on her, and feminist Betty Friedan once told Schlafly: “I’d like to burn you at the stake.” She was chastised in a 1970s “Doonesbury” a framed copy of which hung on her office wall.

“What I am defending is the real rights of women,” Schlafly said at the time. “A woman should have the right to be in the home as a wife and mother.”

Thirty-five states ratified the amendment, three short of the necessary 38. Schlafly said amendment supporters couldn’t prove it was needed.

“They were never able to show women would get any benefit out of it,” she told the Associated Press in 2007. “It (the U.S. Constitution) is already sex-neutral. Women already have all the rights that men have.”

Missouri Republican Party Chairman John Hancock told KMOX Schlafly was a trailblazer.

“This was an organization built on grassroots volunteers,” Hancock said. “They made a true difference in this country.”

Schlafly’s organization has been split this presidential election — Schlafly supported Donald Trump, though many board members disagreed. She maintained her leadership of the organization.

She also fought nephew, Tom Schlafly, over the naming rights to his brewery in St. Louis. Schlafly contended her name juxtaposed with beer and libations would damage the conservative brand’s reputation. A judge disagreed.

Schlafly was 92. She died in her Ladue home due to complications from cancer, she was surrounded by family.

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Comments (174)
  1. l solorzano says:

    What a wonderful, tireless woman. She fought for values, truth, honesty and character. She will be missed.

    1. Rinse Prebius says:

      What a vile human being. She will not be missed.

      1. Vince says:

        You want to see vile and evil? Look no further than Hillary Rotten Clinton.

      2. N.M. Hill says:

        You are not under any delusion you will be…are you?

  2. Auntie Vyris says:

    Thank you, Phyllis. You lived ten lives, and millions have benefited immensely from your contributions.

  3. Brett says:

    Cue the tolerant souls of the left expressing their heartfelt condolences in 3-2-1…

  4. AJ Winter says:

    What a great woman. God Bless.

  5. TroyGale says:

    Rest in Peace Phyllis. A Great American has departed.
    We won’t see her like for many years unless I miss my guess.
    There are many types of greatness, she was embodied with most of them.

    1. Rinse Prebius says:

      Its a shame she lived as long as she did. Good riddance to an evil woman

  6. Gods speed Phyllis Schlafly. Your spirit endures.

  7. Faye Dolan says:

    She was a take no prisoners Conservative Christian, unafraid to speak her mind. In this age of lies and misinformation Phyllis was someone to be admired and emulated. A great lady.

  8. Dan Balger says:

    My heart goes out to her and her family. RIP to a great lady and patriot. we are better off that you lived.

  9. I can imagine her bumping elbows with Justice Scalia and Ron and Nancy now… she is already missed.

    1. RealAmerica says:

      You are absolutely right. She will also be bumping elbows with Satan as well as Scalia, Ronnie, et al

      1. iambicpentamaster says:

        Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the intolerant and hateful Left.

      2. ulyssesmsu says:

        Get lost, troll.

      3. Vince says:

        Funny how the ATHEIST liberals invoke the name of Satan when speaking of GREAT conservatives. Meanwhile, their candidate Hellary Rotten Clinton is the one doing the bidding of the devil. Liberals are so phony is so many ways. It’s no surprise they choose a phony candidate like Hellary.

  10. Robert Ponce says:

    A true Conservative hero has passed. So very sad. For those who have not taken the time to read her books, you are missing out on a wealth of knowledge. My sincere condolences to her family and those who knew her well. We have lost a patriot and a legend. She will be missed 😦

  11. What a terrible article. Featuring all the negatives about this wonderful conservative. You should be ashamed but I know you’re not. Typical liberal.

  12. fastrock says:

    RIP Mrs. Schlafly, you will be missed.

  13. RobertM says:

    Rest in peace. You’ve earned it.

  14. DMaria Berry says:

    Phyllis Schlafly was a great woman and she was a true example of dignity and grace. She inspired me and worked so hard for so long. She will be remembered with much love!

  15. Latrese Mcgowan says:

    Establishment republicans rejoice

  16. Trilobite says:

    She was a real conservative who beat RINO Bill F. Buckley in a dispute on TV.

    Rest in peace, heroine.

  17. SILENCER says:

    She will be missed.

    She was everything the lunatic unhinged left was not; an actual, real, high functioning adult with principles and a moral compass.

    God will take care of her.

  18. B Da Truth says:

    She was rock solid for the Conservative side unlike most elected Republicans, I like to think her last words were, vote Trump.

    1. Except that Trump is no rock solid conservative and never has been. You delusional Trumpers will be the reason Hillary gets elected.

      1. Vince says:

        Above all, Phyllis was practical. She understood the political process and realized that often elections were a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils. And any SENSIBLE conservative must realize that Trump’s principles and Hellary’s are like night and day. You may not like Trump, but the alternative is UNTHINKABLE!

  19. FUBAR says:

    What did she know about the Clintons?

    1. Vince says:

      I see where you’re going, and you have every right to be suspicious, given the track record of suspicious deaths surrounding the Clintons. Although the Clintons must be very happy that she’s gone, I think this time the cause is old age (92) and cancer. She never had a smoking gun of information about the Clintons that would have resulted in her assassination, like the others.

  20. Mary V. says:

    Phyllis Schlafly will be missed. We needed her now – maybe more than ever.

  21. lspratt says:

    What a p – i – s – s poor article st louis cbslocal did about Schafly. She single handedly stopped the Equal Rights Amendment in its track. To think four paragraphs about this iconic woman and her legacy with the last one being about beer. Shame on this writer, but what do you expect from libs?

  22. Wharfplank says:

    An incredible woman, RIP.

  23. Kim says:

    I read that, “Phyllis Schlafly was a constitutional lawyer and author and speaker.” She was one of America’s most remarkable citizens and she truly loved her country. God blessed us richly with Phyliss. THANK YOU PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY FOR EVERYTHING! You were indeed America’s much needed conscience. May you rest in peace with the Lord. May God bless her family and may God bless America.

  24. K. Niog says:

    She was gutter trash and nothing to be proud of. She had no problem starving the poor as long as she got her way. Satan will welcome her with open arms.

    1. Not Chicken Little says:

      May God heal your poor little warped soul. Even you can be forgiven and made whole if you seek it truly.

    2. RC Atchisson says:

      Ah, I understand your comment now. Tolerance workshop.

    3. iambicpentamaster says:

      Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the intolerant and hateful Left.

    4. ulyssesmsu says:

      Typical idiotic left-wing talking points. And of course you personally know some of those starving kids? Sure you do.

    5. Pookie says:

      I was wondering when I would bump into a Loser today and then You came along…..

  25. George says:

    Schlafly you will be missed. God Bless !

  26. Not Chicken Little says:

    She has no doubt gone on to even greater things. There are few in our age who have been as stalwart, as steadfast, as honorable and as true as Phyllis Schlafly to the principles of freedom and to the United States of America and its ideals. Rest in Peace. And please intercede with God on our behalf, we need your efforts and God’s mercy and strength now more than ever.

  27. Where were Hillary and Bill? Another name to the Clinton purge list?

  28. David from San Diego says:

    Maybe God took her home now so she would not have to see America fall under a Hillary Clinton Presidency? Or maybe God took her now so she will have a front-row view of America rising again under a Trump Presidency. I hope and pray that it is the latter.

    1. As the master said you can judge a tree by its fruit. She bore evil fruit and will be remembered as such except in the feeble minds of Christian conservatives.

      1. gobnait says:

        ‘As the master said you can judge a tree by its fruit. She bore evil fruit and will be remembered as such except in the feeble minds of Christian conservatives.’ The truly feeble-minded are those who have nothing to offer except slurs and intolerance. But you already knew that. Careful, your hypocrisy is showing.

      2. iambicpentamaster says:

        Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the intolerant and hateful Left.

      3. Pouncekitty says:

        The nasty, evil-heart messages from Liberals on this post tells you everything you need to know about them. It tells you nothing about the good, clean, committed life Phyllis lead. When OBama and Hillary die, they will be met with more kindness than the awful heartless Libs on this page.

      4. LizB says:

        Agreed, Donna.

      5. Nancy says:

        Well, Donna…. I’ll take a pass on your fruit. Too bitter.

      6. Vince says:

        Here we have another PRETEND follower of Christ. Sure Donna…”the master” with a small M. You revealed your hand. You do not believe in Jesus Christ, nor His words. But it’s convenient for you to state them here because you THINK it serves your agenda. Phyllis Schlafly fought for conservative CONSTITUTIONAL principles that created this nation and kept her great for many years. Stop PRETENDING that you follow Jesus Christ. We know you’re a phony liberal, like your phony candidate Hellary Rotten Clinton.

  29. ERA says:

    Proof that only the good die young.

  30. Kathleen03 says:

    My heart and the country are wounded over the loss of this remarkable woman. Phyllis Schlafly was truly someone who can not be replaced. What a legacy she leaves. I’m certain the first words she heard when she crossed were: “Job well done.”

  31. John Oliver says:

    The spirit of America embodied this great patriot. I am saddened that she will not see Trump take office.

  32. JD Davis says:

    She was probably dead from the neck up when she endorsed Trump.

  33. XQR says:

    Matriarch of the “you agree with us or you’re not a real America” wing of the conservative movement whose influence has has landed us in the present state of total governmental dysfunction.

    Scant loss IMO.

  34. Custer9149 says:

    “I hate that damn ugly old white woman.”
    –Ayatollah Barack Hussein Obama.

  35. Maryann Skae says:

    So tragic.

    Pushed at the end by Martin trying to take over a wonderful organization and then stealing it away under the guise of God. How many lawsuits are there to date? Two – one just filed last week. What’s going to happen now with the second one? How many Super Pacs can he start under the guise of God?

    May Phyllis rest in peace and be in a better place.

    Eunie, thank you for your statement: “Today, Phyllis Schlafly has gone home to be with her Lord after a long illness. America has lost a great stateswoman, and we at Eagle Forum and among the conservative movement have lost a beloved friend and mentor, who taught and inspired so many to fight the good fight in defense of American values. I have personally lost a dear friend of over forty years.”

    Known as the “sweetheart of the silent majority,” and the matriarch of the conservative movement, Phyllis Schlafly has been a visionary, a unifier, and a voice of conscience for more than six decades.

    Phyllis has been credited with doing the impossible, when she and the army of grassroots volunteers she led and trained defeated the so-called Equal Rights Amendment, which had passed both houses of Congress and seemed destined for certain ratification among the states.

    Also previously thought impossible, Phyllis not only brought together people of various faiths that historically worked separately, she brought these people of faith into the political process like never before, creating a crucial voting block of values voters.

    Following the defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment, many of the volunteers Phyllis trained became leaders in the organization that was named Eagle Forum. The name was inspired by Psalm 40:31, an encouragement to the battle weary that those who wait upon the Lord will “mount up with wings like eagles.”

    Phyllis and her beloved “Eagles” are known for fighting tirelessly and for mobilizing political power for principle, not prestige or profit. For decades under Phyllis’ leadership, Eagle Forum has led the pro-family movement through such diverse and important battles as defending the unborn, defending traditional marriage, defending American workers from unfair trade and immigration policies, defending individual inventors from losing their intellectual property to large corporations, defending women from being drafted into military combat, defending full-time homemakers, defending conservatives and grassroots activists from establishment kingmakers, defending children from politicized public education defending American taxpayers from out-of-control federal spending and defending against threats to American exceptionalism.

    There will never be another Phyllis Schlafly. Today is a day to celebrate her amazing legacy and to remember the profound difference she made in the conduct of American public policy. Thank you, Phyllis. We will not grow weary.”

    1. RC Atchisson says:

      Sad that you would use this time to make unfounded, libelous, and unwarranted statements.

      1. Maryann Skae says:

        Sad but true. Loved her. She was a fabulous person who did not need to die now.

  36. sally says:

    Wonderful woman! I just wish she could have held on a few more weeks so she could have voted for Donald Trump.
    What a great lady. My hero for decades.

    1. lsbrew says:

      If she were a democrat she could have.

  37. Holdthe Profanityfool says:

    Rock-ribbed. Steadfast. She finished her race.
    Rest well in His arms.

  38. kestrel27 says:

    Such a shame her passing leaving only idiot DEMOCRAT women who couldn’t hold a candle to her in intelligence. You know, people like Hillary, Huma, and Debbie Wasserman. Rest in Peace Phyllis, you’ve done your part and earned it.

  39. b patton says:

    Her leadership caused the defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment. It was a close call. Regrettably many of the feared results have come to pass anyway, such as women in combat.

  40. stoneinfl says:

    Phyllis was a very gifted commentator. I remember her first from CBS in the 60’s. She could start with the most outrageous statement and by the time 2 minutes were finished, I’d be totally convinced and could imagine why anyone would disagree with her.

  41. God Bless Phyllis Schlafly. A Truly Patriotic American.
    Phyllis would have loved to see TRUMP win it in November.
    She will be missed. RIP.

  42. Godspeed, Phyllis Scholarly. You lived to see our days “Renewed”.

    1. Funny how a word can be correct when you post it, yet change when you click to finalize it. Ms, Schlafly, you are missed..

  43. ragingketteh says:

    This is very sad news. My prayers go with her family and friends. The Conservative movement has lost its greatest mentor and leader. That said, we all have an Angel in Heaven who’s name we all know. Rest in peace good Lady.

  44. Jerome Patelunas says:

    Rest in peace, thank you for your contribution.
    You can never be replaced.

  45. Susan Davis says:

    One of the most hateful and hated women in my life time. So glad it is over for America’s sake. An evil woman who lived the life she denied the rest of American women.

    1. Michael says:

      Did Hillary die, too? I hadn’t heard.

    2. iambicpentamaster says:

      Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the intolerant and hateful Left.

    3. Sean says:

      Motherhood is the highest of human callings. Hillary Clinton and Co. fight for a woman’s “right” to kill her children after she knowingly took the chance of getting pregnant, Schlafly fought for a women’s right to be a mother and devote her life to raising children. If liberals actually believe Clinton’s fight is a better one, it;s no wonder our country is in such a state of moral decay.

  46. honoredcitizen says:

    One less! One less!

    1. iambicpentamaster says:

      Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the intolerant and hateful Left.

  47. Joe Shepherd says:

    Requiescat in Pace. She warned us in the 1970’s about what is happening now with women in combat and perverted kinds of marriage

  48. The Lord took her home so she wouldn’t have to see what was about to befall her beloved America. We have become almost unrecognizable for the depravity that we as a nation have embraced, and this can’t continue much longer. Phylis ran the race, she’s in the arms of the Lord now. See you soon, lovely lady.

  49. Jack Foobar says:

    She was an amazing woman. Always on the right side of History, by sheer will alone.

  50. Michael says:

    May her soul rest in peace. I last heard Phyllis Schlafly speak at CPAC about 8 years ago (the last time I attended) and I was amazed that her age did not detract one bit from her energy, wit, memory, intelligence – she was a charismatic woman, and a lively speaker. God bless you for your love of, and service to, our great nation.

  51. james says:

    I respected what she had to say (radio), and always learned something new. Thank you…

  52. Now here was a staunch conservative….just wish she could have lived to see Mr. Trump bel elected President!

  53. conservatism is a mental disease says:

    A good conservative is a dead one. I am glad Phyllis is dead.

  54. Ginny says:

    One less hateful person on this planet. Sad for her family, but not for humanity.

  55. conservatism is a mental disease says:

    I am very glad that Phyllis is dead. Conservatives belong in h e l l.

  56. conservatism is a mental disease says:

    One less hateful right wing parasite on the planet. Conservatism is a MENTAL DISEASE.

  57. Neuro Mancer says:

    Goodbye Phyllis. You will be missed.

  58. Ja Ja Kabaka says:

    Good riddance! Who’s next? Come on, step right up!

    1. iambicpentamaster says:

      President and Mrs. Stainmaker are next.

    2. Vince says:

      “Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for THEE.” Being uneducated, you probably don’t know where that quote comes from. Google it. It certainly applies to you.

  59. Dj says:

    She single-handedly derailed the Unequal Rights amendment That makes her awesome in my book…

    I wish there were more like her

  60. Although I’ve disagreed with Phyllis Schlafly on many issues over the past 35 years and more, I also honor her as my sister for her fidelity to her convictions. My prayers go with her and her family.

  61. timefortrump says:

    Rest in peace fellow patriot.. you will be missed…

  62. Dennis Smith says:

    She was a great woman who will be greatly missed.

  63. epiminondas says:

    God speed, Ms. Schlafly. And thank you for fighting the good fight.

  64. Kathleen Hall says:

    One evil broad. Nothing Christian about her—Jesus was about love and compassion. Schlafly was a massive hypocrite. A woman of privilege who depended on care givers to raise her family.

    1. iambicpentamaster says:

      Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the hypocritical, intolerant, and hateful Left.

  65. dave palmer says:

    Another left wing idiot dead. Now if Hillary would only drop dead the world would be a much better place

    1. iambicpentamaster says:

      Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the hypocritical, misogynistic, intolerant and hateful Left.

  66. Mike0oSS says:

    It’s a crying shame we all run out of time…I dug her style.

  67. Tom says:

    Uh oh….where was Hillary?

  68. mikeva says:

    An evil, evil person.

    1. iambicpentamaster says:

      Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the hypocritical, misogynistic, intolerant and hateful Left.

  69. Tom Smith says:

    How many people are the Clinton’s going to be allowed to murder before they get theirs

  70. brucevodka says:

    Rest in peace my lady.

  71. Pete says:

    Another great one gone! R.I.P. great lady, you will be sorely missed!

  72. DaveBarnes says:

    Goodbye angry lady.

  73. Pokey Waller says:

    Thank you for being such a great warrior for our country!

  74. Josaphat Watch says:

    RIP, fine lady.

  75. Todd says:

    Well done, good and faithful servant

  76. Wow, it was only a couple months ago that I listened to her on the radio. She sounded great, completely had her wits still together.

  77. John Burwell says:

    Phyllis Schlafly takes her place among the giants that left America better than they found it. She is a mother to those of us who love America. God bless Ms. Schlafly and may he comfort her family. And God said this is my daughter, in whom I am well pleased.

  78. James Orlando says:

    Say HEY to Scalia in Hell!

    1. John Campbell says:

      Some things I just don’t understand. I’ve mourned the loss of political opposition and asked for God’s comfort for those family, friends, and loved ones who they have left behind. To have anyone make such a comment as you did is beyond any sense of rhyme or reason. The total lack of upbringing shines directly on to your parentage and one can only wonder what kind of parents you must have had. If somehow you strayed from a good parentage then I can only ask God to protect your parents from you.

  79. Peter Rich says:

    During the ERA battle, Phyllis was widely ridiculed for saying that the ERA would lead to uni-sex bathrooms. She never said that, of course, but the snickering demagogues arrayed against her delighted in the slander that tried to paint her as a crazy old lady. The social mess we have today kind of makes me wish she’d actually said it.

  80. nunsuch says:

    We mourn your passing and we celebrate your life, You leadership and courage will be sorely missed in the coming struggle, You were a stalwart fighter in the battle against the neverending liberal assault on our country and culture
    Thank You and God Bless You

  81. random255 says:

    The world was lucky to have someone with such intellect. All the best in your next life.

  82. jum1801 says:

    Her own activism was born partly out of convenience.

    They can’t resist a last petty attempt to demean and minimize her. Even in her obituary. Just one of the reasons tens of millions of Americans detest the media, otherwise known as Democrat-operatives-with-bylines.

  83. John Campbell says:

    Phyllis Schlafly will be sorely missed. Her apparent final wish seems to be to elect Donald Trump as U.S. president and she made no bones about it. I say lets make it happen. Schlafly was a political woman and it was her life. Her faith and love of this nation, it’s Constitution, our traditional way of life, all bound in a deep abiding respect for what constitutes a right and the ability to contrast a right to a privilege. Something that seems so lacking in many people today.

    Mrs. Schlafly, rest in peace for your light is still shining and it will carry on.

    1. Dane Jay Barnhard says:

      Very well stated, John Campbell !!!
      Mahalo nu loa (Thank you very much)

  84. Ari Goldberg says:

    I’ll always remember her words of advice to liberty-minded folks to work within the Republican Party, not third parties like the Libertarian or Constitution Party. Also, she encouraged people to get involved in the political battle, because it’s fun, it’s where the action is, you meet people there, and it’s exciting.

  85. Tracy says:

    A true Catholic warrior, defender of the Faith and of the dignity of mothers and homemakers. May she rest in peace.

  86. lsbrew says:

    Wow! What a wonderful woman. I really wish I had paid more attention.

  87. PodLondon says:

    There was never a time that Mrs Schlafley was not proud of her country, unlike the radical Marxist slob presently occupying the White House.

    1. Rinse Prebius says:

      Dubya left the White House 8 years ago.

  88. Rinse Prebius says:

    Good riddance to bad garbage. She will not be missed.

  89. Tom says:

    You led an awesome life ma’am. I think I will honor your wishes and vote for Mr. Trump.

  90. Raymond Collier says:

    My Deepest and Most Heartfelt Condolences go out to the Family and Friends of Phyllis Schlafly. R.I.P. Phyllis.

  91. anonymous says:

    Hey, idiot writer of this article, 1924 was not “Depression-era” – you’re a moron and should not have the job that you have…

    RIP, P.S.

  92. LizB says:

    She’ll be cremated at 400 degrees for two hours until crispy on top as recommended by the Betty Crocker Cookbook for Self-Hating Housewives 🙂

    1. Michael Rice says:

      You speak so kindly of yourself

  93. Michael Rice says:

    God bless her. A real American hero!

  94. Vince says:

    A great conservative icon, and a very practical woman. She knew Trump was flawed but she still got behind him because she respected the people’s choice and felt he could rise to the demands of the job while honing his conservative principles. As a practical matter she realized that Hillary must be stopped above all other matters.

  95. Jeff says:

    A truly great lady and courageous leader who saw the threat to American life from the left and acted to stop it. I support Trump as she did and we will make sure he wins in November….. GOD BLESS MRS. SCHLAFLY, R.I.P….

  96. This death is very suspicious, as was Justice Scalia’s death. Autopsy?

    Wasn’t there a coup on her Organization led by her daughter?

  97. Nunuv Yerbiznezz says:

    All I will say is that what I feel about the death of Schlafly is the same as conservatives and Trumpeteers would feel on hearing of the deaths of Hillary Clinton or President Obama. There is a county where women live according to Schlafly’s principles – Saudi Arabia.

  98. “70 years of public service for straight white Christian men.” There. Fixed that for you. She has done nothing for all Americans except pass from this life.

  99. She was a horrible human being. I’m glad she’s dead.

  100. There’s a new turd floating down the River Stix today, Phyllis Schlafly, the Hatress-in-Chief for the modern conservative movement has died at the age of 92. Neo-Nazis across America are in mourning over her passing.

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