We talked with Roger Clyne of Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers on Music Monday. He’s playing all over the Midwest this week, including shows in St. Louis and Minneapolis. Find all the tour dates online at www.azpeacemakers.com and try some of Roger’s Mexican Moonshine tequila from https://www.hitimewine.net/


Had a great conversation today with my 4th grade friend, actress Maria Cina. She’s the one who wrote, produced and directed the “Tiny Hands For Trump” video that’s on Funny Or Die and YouTube. She joined us to talk about it (and her trip to Burning Man) this morning on the show.

  1. shirley cina says:

    What a fantastic interview with Maria Cina promoting Tiny Hands for Trump. The video is available on Youtube or Funny or Die and is really hysterical while sending an important message that Donald Trump should NOT allowed in the oval office. Thanks, Jon. Great job!!

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