In today’s world there are mega-multiplex’s with 18 or more screens available each with a different film on it.  And, you walk up to the box office at the local theatre not sure whether to see the latest romantic comedy or the horror film that everyone is talking about.  This is why we go to the experts from and the Linoleum-Knife Podcast.  Alonso Duralde is our go to guy for deciphering if its a win or a flop before you spend money at the concession stand.  This week Alonso talked to us about “The Magnificent Seven” and more.


If it is on the small screen then chances our Ed Bark from has seen it.  This is why we bring long-time television critic Ed in each week to talk about what we saw on the tv and what we might see next week.  This week Ed talks about The Emmy’s and more.


GMO products are among the most consumed and the least understood substances in the United States today. They appear not only in the food we eat, but in everything from the interior coating of paper coffee cups and medicines to diapers and toothpaste. We are often completely unaware of their presence.

Caitlin Shetterly discovered the importance of GMOs the hard way. Shortly after she learned that her son had an alarming sensitivity to GMO corn, she was told that she had the same condition, and her family’s daily existence changed forever. MODIFIED delves deep into the heart of the matter—from the cornfields of Nebraska to the beekeeping conventions in Brussels—to shine a light on the people, the science, and the corporations behind the food we serve ourselves and our families every day. Deeper than an exposé, and written by a mother and journalist whose journey had no agenda other than to understand the nuance and confusion behind GMOs, MODIFIED is a rare breed of book that will at once make you weep at the majestic beauty of our Great Plains and force you to harvest deep seeds of doubt about the invisible monsters currently infiltrating our food and our land and threatening our future.


This year doctors will diagnose 670-thousand Americans with heart failure, which can be devastating, because half of people who develop heart failure will die within 5 years.  Heart disease is still the number one killer overall. Currently 5.1 million Americans are living with heart failure, and it’s a major burden for patients and caregivers. In fact, heart failure is the most common reason for hospitalizations in people over 60 years of age, costing the nation an estimated $32 billion a year in related health costs.

Dr. Jerry Estep is the Medical Director of the Heart Transplant and LVAD Program at the Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center and JC Walter Jr. Transplant Center at The Houston Methodist Hospital in Houston, TX. As a staff member he has been actively involved in several multicenter trials including NHLBI (The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute) studies for patients with heart failure.


This Sunday marks a series of concert events across the country with the aim to raise awareness and activism promoting common-sense gun regulations nationwide. It’s the Concert Across America to End Gun Violence, and no matter where you live there’s bound to be an event near you. We talked with organizer John Rosenthal on Friday morning, and he urged us to learn more and make plans to attend one of the events at


Savvy Shields of Fayetteville, Arkansas, graced the Miss America stage and wowed the judges with her confidence, poise, and talent on September 11th, 2016, when she took home the title of Miss America 2017 and a $50,000 scholarship award. Savvy is a 21-year old senior at the University of Arkansas where she studies Art with a minor in Business. Savvy will travel the country on a year of service to promote her personal platform, “Eat Better, Live Better,” which aims to educate people on how the foods we eat make an impact on our lives as a whole. During her year, she will also serve as the National Goodwill Ambassador for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Savvy hopes to use her time as Miss America to advocate for change in the mindset of people across our land by encouraging them to embrace a lifestyle that can drastically improve their health.


It was a real thrill to talk with Peter Diamandis, the man behind space travel’s X-Prize, along with Julian Guthrie, the woman who chronicled the prize, its contestants and the winning team in her new book, “How to Make a Spaceship: A Band of Renegades, an Epic Race, and the Birth of Private Spaceflight.”


There is only one question we ask you every Friday morning on the show; Are you Hungry? Of course you are and that is why sit down with our very own James Beard Award Nominee, Cheffy Baby.  Cheffy Baby talks about food trends, celeb chefs, and more.

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