Dave Cline, KMOX Producer (@davidtcline)

We have been very fortunate with the sleeping habits of Cameron and Kyle. They’re pretty easy babies and they normally don’t fuss much. But every now and then they think it’s party time in the middle of the night.

I severely underestimated the sleep deprivation that came with having a baby. Throw twins in the mix and you sleep even less. I do OK. So does my wife. But sometimes she does some funny things in her sleep. 

I noticed this not too long after the boys came home. I’m a light sleeper as it is. So I wake up to any noise. Kacie was stirring one night and she quickly sat up in bed. She crawled out of a bed and started caressing the blanket we were sleeping under. I was extremely confused but I quickly figured out what she was doing. She thought we fell asleep with one of the babies in bed with us. I knew she was sleepy, but I had to break the news to her. 

“Honey, the boys aren’t in bed with us. They’re in their cribs.” She gave me a puzzled look and went back to bed. I confronted her in the morning about it and she had no recollection of it happening. 

A similar thing happened about a week later. Same scenario, but this time she was kissing and caressing her pillow. I laughed silently to myself and again told her that she was only dreaming. 

But the real kicker happened last week. Kacie wasn’t caressing the blanket or her pillow. This time she reached for our six-pound dog who always sleeps between us. Sadie was sound asleep, looked over at me, and probably wondered what the hell was going on. 

Kacie swooped up Sadie and cradled her into her arms. She rocked her a few times and walked toward the door. I knew exactly where this was going, but I wanted to see it all play out. Kacie headed out the door with the dog in her arms and walked into the boys’ room. My wife was about to put the damn dog into a crib with the boys. I watched on the monitor to see which crib she was eyeing.  But much to my dismay, it never got that far. Kacie abruptly left the boys’ room and headed back to our room with the dog. 

“Are you feeling alright?” I asked her. 

“Yeah,” she said with an insulted look on her face. 

I smirked and went back to sleep. I was looking forward to bringing it up to her when we woke up to see if she remembered.

To my amazement, she did remember some of it but her memory was hazy. She looked embarrassed, but I told her that she had the greatest of intentions in mind. 

I can’t give her too much trouble. She is an amazing mother to these boys. And to her credit, she functions better on less sleep than I do. 

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Dave Cline is the producer of the Mark Reardon Show and Total Information PM on KMOX.


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