Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are have long been an important part of our food supply. As more consumers prioritize their food choices, it’s imperative that the public know the facts and up-to-date information about GMOs.  Robert Wager M.Sc. has been a faculty member of the Biology Department of Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo BC Canada for 18 years. His training is in Biochemistry and Molecular biology. He has been involved in GMO research with an emphasis on public education for 13 years. Additionally, he has given many presentations and written many articles for the general public that explain different aspects of genetic engineering technology.  This morning Robert talks with Jon about GMOs and how they affect you.


In my Day we didn’t have kids on their cell phones in class.  To be fair kids didn’t even have cell phones it was a beeper.  Wait, it wasn’t that either.  We were passing notes on folded sheets of paper and darn it if your teacher caught you and made you read it out loud.  So much changes so fast when we think of pop culture; do you remember the rap battles on the street corner?  How about when we all thought mixing pop rocks and soda would make your stomach explode.  Do you remember slouch socks with high heels?  I do and so does my friend Rob Ross from  Which is why we look to him to help keep us on top of the latest trends in Pop Culture each week on the show.  This week Rob talks about new music, trends on tv, and more.


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